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Just wondering, do I get I get one skillpoint for small tournament and one for large? Does that mean that I can do this on both playthroughs and get a total of 4 bonus skill points? Or do you just get one at the end of the small tournament in both playthroughs for a total of two? Zeranual 17:49, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

Ok just tried 1st and 2nd playthrough. I already had the skill from the 2nd playthrough and Im currently working on the first, but I'm not sure if you get the extra skill point from it. I'm certain that you can, because it's a quest reward (it let me get the quest again). However, I'm not sure if you get a skill point for beating the upper tier arenas because there's no quest for it. So it might just be 2 points total, you'd have to ask someone who beat all the upper arenas already.

You only get Skill Point SDUs (2 total. One for both playthroughs.) for completeing the Smaller Challenges. The large areans are there just for fun and basically achievements/trophies.