Heya guys, just about to start a brand new Siren, and I'm looking for an awesome shield (Maybe even modded) And a legit but mega awesome SMG Possibly an Anarchy. GT : IDarKI Inferno

Let me know guys.

Thanks in advance.

"a brand new Siren" and "an awesome (maybe modded) Shield" Do not go together. Have you played through the entire game before? If no, go play through the whole game with no mods and no Charity and you'll discover that the game is never hard enough to merit invincibility.

Are you afraid of death and losing your money so much you need a RoseOmega? Sirens are already invincible enough with Phasewalk.

As for the gun question, you'll outgrow the gun too fast. So there's no point making you an Anarchy you can use from the start.

Also, an Anarchy that early would whore out your ammo supply too fast.

My $0.07   GnarlyToaster -Talk-   20:40, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

I actually did something like this a little while ago. It's best if you learn how to build constructs, if you want to do it the way I did. I set up a top quality health regen shield (contstruct) and my guns of choice (in my case, a Wildcat with a twisted barrel and double accessory, and a Bitch with max RoF).
Then I used Willowtree to dupe them, and leveled them to every 10 levels. It completely removes the need to farm for guns, although you still open chests for ammo, and obviously grab anything decent. It made playing through again a lot less tedious. It's a lot of work double checking your quality levels to make sure the level requirements will work, but it keeps the game flowing a lot faster, and it actually gave me a chance to pay more attention to the plot.
As far as the uber-shields, don't bother. I have one. I used it to run circles around Craw when I was way too low level and my buddy needed a distraction during very early farming. Other than the amusement of diplomatic immunity, it doesn't add anything to the game, so much as it sucks all the challenge out of it. Just like God Mode in any game, it's really only fun for going places you probably shouldn't or getting a close look at enemies without respawning afterwards lol WhackyGordon 21:01, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

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