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I just lost three days of work because I kept my Borderlands research notes in an open Emacs buffer (laptop conveniently kept next to gaming rig) without saving those notes to a persistent file. Apparently upon awaking this morning I sleepily closed the wrong program. DO NOT DO THAT, BECAUSE IT IS STUPID. VERY, VERY, VERY STUPID. ST00PID, EVEN.

For what it's worth: I was running a new character (melee Siren, because reasons) through Normal Mode, taking care to check the maps that relevel at certain points in the storyline. For example, The Dust starts at level 11, but relevels to 18 after the Vault Hunter completed a particular mission (Bright Lights, Flying City, I think... if only I HAD WRITTEN THAT DOWN SOMEWHERE DONTCHA THINK), taking most unaccepted Dust-based missions with it. Other maps that do this are The Fridge, Caustic Caverns, Lynchwood, and all of the Slaughter Domes, but they don't have all the same trigger points. Wouldn't it be keen if we had that information in the wiki??

Heaven knows when next I'll get a chance to start a new character and get these numbers again.

Anyway, just working through my grief. Anybody who knows me on Steam has already tasted my bile on this topic. Toodles. Dämmerung 18:59, September 19, 2014 (UTC)