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Well a lot of people are asking "How do I add my item card into the weapon tables on talk pages", so I decided to compile this simple guide, using the most beginner friendly way to introduce this.

1. Go to the "Varieties" section on the selected weapon talk page and select "Edit", it should look something like the first image.

2. Each jigsaw-puzzle-look-alike-thingy holds the information of a single weapon on the table, called a "template". Now what we want to do here is copy any one of the templates (as shown by the red circle). To copy a template, highlight the puzzle piece and hit Ctrl+C. The exception to this is the first and last templates (blue circles), those house the header and footer of the table, DO NOT copy those.

3. Insert the copy, to paste hit Ctrl+V, before the last template (Before the "Table End" template), as shown by the yellow arrow.


4. Now move your mouse over the copied template (red circle) and an information box will pop up, click edit (blue circle).


5. A template editor should pop up, just replace all the information with the stats of our weapon. Leave blank boxes alone. At the bottom of the editor, remember to copy the name of the item card image into the box, it will automatically be added to the table.


6. Click "Ok" to close the editor, followed by "Publish" to complete our edit.

Tada! Now your weapon is in the table.

Please note that there are much more advanced and less time consuming methods, such as using the source view, to edit the table. What is presented here is the most straightforward, beginner friendly method


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