Would anyone be willing to do a four man playthrough of either Borderlands 1 or 2 with me? I've always wanted to do one! You don't need a mic, but there are two things, one, I have a Playstation, so XBOX players need not apply, and there can't be more than ONE of a class. Like, there could be an Assasin, Siren, Commando, and Mechromancer, but not Assasin, Assasin, Commando, Gunzerker. One of each, would be a simpler way of saying what I'm trying to say. So, if anyone is interested, message me on PSN, my ID is sniper_smile_72, and I don't care what class I am, and yeah! Message me if you're interested! 
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Suggestion Team mods:

There should at least be a Siren with a Nurse class mod (team health regen) and/or a Gunzerker with a Hoarder class mod (team bullet regen). So yeah, go for team mods. The Commando could be a Tactician. (team shield recharge rate and less delay.) Assassin could be a Shot. (team accuracy up) Mechomancer could be a Sweetheart. (Team max health up)

Also, the enemies are always matched to the MAIN character's story. Me and my bro never have a prob co-oping the same game with one Lv50 and the new character. Just keep the higher level one behind in case of trouble. Or just let them rampage through for easy EXP. Just make sure they have all their badass rank kills before doing that. --MythicShadows (talk) 15:10, February 24, 2013 (UTC)