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Skins/Heads i have:

Licking Flames(Axton skin)

Dahl Elite(Axton skin)

Yellow Jacket(Axton skin) Bone Binder(Axton head)

Shadaloo Stylish(Axton head)

Jacobs Old-Fashioned(Maya skin)

Fright of The Bumblebee(Maya skin)

Pink Pandoracorn (Maya skin)

Torgue High Octane(Maya skin)

Tangerine Dreaming(Maya skin)

Black Widow(Maya skin)

Vladof Revolution(Maya skin)

Kawaii Killer(Maya head)

Alkaline Mistress(Maya head)

Cold Steel(Maya head)

Minecraft(Gaige skin)

Joy Divide(Gaige skin)

Stinger Missle(Gaige skin)

Lovely Corpse(Gaige head)

Fragger(Gaige head)

Sinful Sweetheart(Gaige head)

Read All About It(Gaige head)

Maliwan Style(Zer0 skin)

Hornet's Nest(Zer0 skin)

Nihilism(Zer0 head)

Torgue High Octane(Salvador skin)

Pink Pandoracorn(Salvador skin)

Killer Bee(Salvador skin)

Lavender But Not Brown(Salvador skin)

Skins i want:

Azure Wave(Maya skin)[most wanted]

Ninja Rose(Maya skin)

Hyperion Hornet(Maya skin)

Maliwan Grace(Maya skin)

Dapper Gent(Axton head)

Spider Bite(Zer0 skin)[most wanted zero skin]

Pink Pandoracorn(Zer0 skin)

This IS HEV-y(Zer0 skin)

rare weapons dont really matter to me, i just want some of the skins i think look cool.

make me offers, i dont have alot in terms of loot as i am only lvl 30, but i have an inventory full of purples, 6 golden keys(can open the chest for you and let you loot it), and a good bit of cash.

PSN: Mitsurugi2525

i know rare weapons are you're biggest priority but i do have an infinity pistol, conference call, the bee sheild and a slayer of terramorphous class mod for commando. all im asking from you is the shadaloo stylish head for axton


Heyo, i am insanely interested in you're coldsteel and kawaii killer heads for the siren, (not so much kawaii) And your dapper gent head for axton. i am... unable to list my current items i am willing to trade right now, BUT i got some other crap around on my mules... i tihnk i got liek 5 infinitys, 3 of them are under lvl 30 ACTUALLY I have TWO lvl 29 infinitys for trade if you are interested?(perfect for a gunzerker with points into rampage) i also got a lvl 50 incend infinity along with a vanilla one. if you dont want those then let me know what you want in exchange...

I am usually on aorund 5:00 US Pacific time PSN: DJFCLOUD9

Im interested in your Kawaii Killer. Sadly i never kept any skins or heads, is there any weapon you would like to exchange it for? Hollow19 (talk) 05:09, May 9, 2013 (UTC)

hi, I would like to have a trade on your coldsteel head.

I have: Head Unreality (zero) Pretty in punk (siren) Tiger Pull (siren) Chopper topper ( commando)

Skin Wrath (siren) Dahl Predator (zero)

My PSN: szekit10, will be online 11:30pm pacific time--Szekit10 (talk) 15:24, May 20, 2013 (UTC)