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There was a time I was playing online with somebody and they join my game and came up to me trying to trade with me.They had some modded pink legendaries class mods with two secret abilites instead of one and with 7+ and 6+ skills with it.

The only modded class mods I have is the blue legendary class mods the 7+ and 6+ skills.If somebody has the pink ones and wish to trade and copy, I have save files that I can give you any prefix type of legendary,pearls,sepaph(DLC 1-3) and unique weapons(main game and DLC 1-3),grenades(main game and DLC 1-3 and relics (main game and DLC 1-3) you want.I have most shields in all of the main game and DLC 1-3 you want too.I also modded weapons and relics(put in safe before quiting) and modded grenades(don't have to put in safe) you can get.

I forgot to say I also have all heads,body and cars skins in the game so far for the first five charaters.I have notting for psycho yet.

PSN JamesNaruto12