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I just bought borderlands for the pc since this summer i will be doing a lot of travelling and not be near my xbox, and i figured it was a solid game to kill time with when i would need to. I downloaded it off steam and i was trying it out on my desktop at home to get a feel for it but now i want to put my save game on a flash drive so i can use it on my laptop when i travel. I cant find the savegame folder all my google searches tell me the file is located in. Any help as to the location the game usually saves to would be much appreciated.

Location: Documents/My Games/Borderlands/SaveData
It's easier to just copy the SaveData folder but specific player data is in the .sav files MeMadeIt 13:08, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

OK searched the whole computer for that folder and found it, thanks you!

It also needs to be said that if you are pulling your hair out trying to find out what the location of the saves is because you can't find it in the location stated above, check the same place on the administrator's account.

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