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Oren is a potential DLC Alchemist class character in Borderlands 2.


Oren started out as a nobody on Promethia, constantly tormented by Atlas lackeys. One day, after seeing several Lance tormenting his friends, Oren decided to fight back, but being so frail, he was easily over powered and shot in the heart. Fortunately, Promethians have two hearts, and Oren survived. He picked up a gun he saw lying around and shot at the Lancemen. That gun was a Maliwan. The Lancemen were engulfed in flames as Oren watched in fascination. He became enthralled by elemental modification and studied hard to become a researcher for Maliwan. His dream soon came true, and he was eventually promoted to head of R&D at Maliwan headquarters on Eden-6. However, living on only one heart was a great strain on him, so he started using company resources to build himself a new heart. None of his prototypes worked, and he had almost given up hope until the sudden appearance of Eridium on Pandora. Seeing Eridium as the key to his new heart, he tried requisitioning samples from Maliwan higher-ups, but was denied, since Hyperion had a stranglehold on the Eridium market. Oren made the decision to outfit himself with the latest of Maliwan tech and travel to Pandora personally. His mission: steal as much Eridium as he could get his hands on, not only for his own heart, but for furthering Maliwan elemental research while simultaneously destroying one of Maliwan's top competitors: Hyperion.

Action Skill

Philosopher's Gun

Oren's action skill attaches a modified E-Tech barrel to his gun that adds Slag to it in addition to whatever other element it has, and allows it to fire two shots for every one round used. Every enemy killed explodes into ammo, money, and guns of varying rarity, though never purple or orange.

Skill Trees

Maliwan Loyalty

Oren's Loyalty tree enhances elemental skills, modifies all Maliwan guns he wields, and even allows him to find higher rarity Maliwan guns.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Dexterous Replenishment 1 5 +8% Reload Speed with Maliwan guns per level.
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
Combustion Reaction 3 5 Minor Gamechanger. Each level grants all Maliwan incendiary guns +3% chance to ignite and +2% Burn DMG/Sec. Each level also grants all Maliwan non-incendiary guns +1% chance to ignite and +20 Burn DMG/Sec. Specing into this ability locks out Electron Dispersal and Sulphuric Infusion.
Electron Dispersal 3 5 Minor Gamechanger. Each level grants all Maliwan shock guns +3% chance to shock and +2% Electrocute DMG/Sec. Each level also grants all Maliwan non-shock guns +1% chance to shock and +20 Electrocute DMG/Sec. Specing into this ability locks out Combustion Reaction and Sulphuric Infusion.
Sulphuric Infusion 3 5 Minor Gamechanger. Each level grants all Maliwan corrosive guns +3% chance to corrode and +2% corrosive DMG/Sec. Each level also grants all Maliwan non-corrosive guns +1% chance to corrode and +20 Corrosive DMG/Sec. Specing into this ability locks out Electron Dispersal and Combustion Reaction.
 ??? 4 5  ???
Compiled Malevolence 5 5 For each status effect inflicted on an enemy with a Maliwan gun, that enemy takes 2% more damage per level from each status effect.

(Example: A burning enemy takes up to 10% more damage from the burn. Add corrosion and he takes up to 20% more damage from the burn and corrosion. Add shock and he takes 30% more damage from each status effect.)

 ??? 6 1  ???

Note: The three minor gamechangers do not change the element of the gun. Sulphuric Infusion will not give you an incendiary gun that is effective against armor. It simply adds the chance to inflict the corrode status effect.


The Transmute tree is a very unique tree that adds little to combat, but changes how Oren interacts with enemies, loot, and ammo. He can remove all status effects from himself and transfer them to an enemy, turn one type of ammo into another, or even upgrade the rarity on his loot...that or turn it into a pile of useless slag. You never know.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
Nigredo 3 5 All slag weapons you wield gain +.1% chance to slag per level for each bar of Eridium in your inventory.
Albedo 3 1 Melee override. Melee attacks will now remove all status effects from you and fire a ball at enemies containing those effects, transferring them to whatever it hits. Pressing the melee button during cooldown or melee attacking with no status effects on you will cause a normal melee attack. Cooldown: 45 seconds
Citrinitas 3 5 Kill Skill. Whenever you kill an enemy, for a few seconds, there is a 10% chance per level that enemies, upon death, will drop more ammo, health, and money.
Lapis Philosophorum 4 5 Action skill augmentation. Killing enemies with the Philosopher's Gun has a chance to turn them into loot. Level 1 grants a 20% chance to change an enemy into loot, a 30% chance to change them into a pile of slag worth $1, and a 50% chance of nothing happening. Each subsequent level increases the loot chance and decreases the slag chance by 5% each.
 ??? 4 5  ???
 ??? 5 5 Whenever an enemy dies with at least three of the four status effects on it (Fire, Shock, Acid, Slag) there is a 20% chance per level that the enemy will drop a bar of Eridium.
Rubedo 6 1 Major gamechanger. If your Health is below 30%, all ammo you pick up will contribute to your health instead of ammo until you are at 80% health. If you have less than 30% of your maximum ammo with the gun in your hands, all ammo you pick up will contribute to that weapon type until you have 80% or your maximum ammo.

Note: With the Lapis Philosophorum skill, if the enemy is turned into slag, you also lose whatever other loot, ammo, or health that enemy would have dropped.


Oren's heart is giving out, so he needs the Elixir skill tree to keep him alive by extending his Fight for your Life time, granting him shield regen whenever an enemy is electrocuted, or even gaining health from elemental attacks.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Pulmonary Stimulation 1 5 Increases Maximum health by 3% per level.
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
Particle Redistribution 3 5 You regenerate 2% of your shield per second per level while an enemy is electrocuted.
Eridian Pacemaker 3 1 Minor gamechanger. Picking up a bar of Eridium heals 20% of your Health.
 ??? 3 5  ???
Synchronous Survivability 4 5 If your Maximum Health is higher than your Shield Capacity, you gain +2% Shield Recharge Speed and -2% Shield Recharge Delay per level. If your Shield Capacity is higher than your Maximum Health, you gain +.2% health regen and +1% Damage Reduction per level.
 ??? 4 5  ???
 ??? 5 5  ???
Elemental Inversion 6 1 All damage dealt to you by status effects is negated, and instead, you gain health equal to half the damage negated.
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