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Hey guys, I'm new on these forums. Hello, My name is Mike. I like to mod Borderlands, but I didn't get in to modding until I beat the game of course. It wouldn't have been fun if you mod your first time.

Anyways, I'm here to tell you guys that I am starting a website towards modding and helping people to mod the game and guns. I primarily play on PS3. The website isn't really ready yet but I want people to know it exists. Currently it has the forums, I'm trying to get a user base for the forums, so I didn't waste my money on a website that nobody is going to use :/

The site is in conjuction with another game that I play, GraalOnline. It's a SNES Zelda type MMORPG. But I could use some help making the Borderlands half of the Site. If anybody is interested in helping me develop this site, send me a PM on the forums here, or email me at
I plan on having a Gun Database of modded/dropped guns from the game, and when Borderlands 2 comes out, I hope to help mod that as well. Please help me out guys, I am only good with HTML and CSS coding.