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 My Gamertag on xbox is cyrusrules

I am playing as a level 72 assassin with a ton of legendary items. the only problem is, the fact that ALMOST EVERYTHING I HAVE IS LEVEL 61. If anybody is willing to help me out here , I'l be willing to give what ever you need and i have

LVL72 infinity

LVL 72 Sham (94% perferably)

LVL 72 Norfleet

LVL 72 Sand Hawk

LVL 72 Shadow Stalker Class Mod( f0ll0w thr0ugh skill at 6+ perferably)

LVL 72 Quaser

LVL 72 Bee Shield

Any good LVL 72 sniper

LVL 72 Interfacer

LVL 72 Sheriff's badge

If you are able to give me any of these, I'l be able to give you most of the lvl 61 Legendarys or do A Farm run at a place of your choosing, or whatever you ask for