I'm a level 58 Commando trying to get some Pearlescent weapons/ Eridium Tech Artifacts. I'm playing UVHM and trying to farm the Legendary Loot Midgets from the Wildlife Exploitation Prserve while the Doctors Orders mission is on so they can spawn 3 or more at a time from those boxes in that back room with the animal cages. Since I dont want to fight past the whole preserve every time I farm them, I tried to do the spawning method where you enter the Natural Selction Annex save&exit there and you spawn outside the door to it next time you start the game (like when you farm Son of Mothrakk). Well I enter it, save&quit and when I play the game again I spawn at the very beggining of the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. I usually play splitscreen with a second Assassin class level 57 UVHM(Tried single-screen with both accounts). I as well accepted the Creature-Slaughter mission in the Natural Selection Annex. But I still spawn at the beggining of the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Was this patched in the recent Update/UVHM Package or am I doing something wrong?
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im doin the same thing. what i do is start IN the NSA, exit, do the run, then head back to the NSA, save inside, then do it again.