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I was really excited for the holiday themed skins coming with "How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day" Head Hunter pack. But... I killed the snow man, helped Smaller than Average Timmy and looted the huge ass chests that pop out of Marcus's train... and no skin.

Atleast not a Holiday skin, I did get a vehicle skin after I was a dick and knocked off the snow man's hat. 

IF THE SAME HAPPENS TO YOU!! Don't get discouraged! Just kill the snow man again, the big one, and you should get a skin. I put the big guy down three times before he gave me the Christmas skin for the Siren. 

I think *THINK* that the two chests that pop out from Marcus's train could contain these as well. I base this assumption off of the fact that I got the Snow Man head for Zer0 my second time killing the big guy and looting the train. The head was in the chest on the right hand side of the train. 

I post this so you fellow Vault Hunters don't waste the amount of time I did killing little snow men, searching through presents and Yeti bone piles.

Merry Christmas Pandora :)

Krieg's Christmas skin is the true reason to buy the Mercenary Day pack RicePrezPip (talk) - "I have a team of experts trying to figure out what an E-Sports is." 05:00, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

Update - December 23, 2013 - The two large chests on Marcus's train can indeed contain the Holiday Skins. They also seem to have a  chance to contain rare loot (Orange and Pearlescent stuff!) From the train chests I've got my hands on the Pearlescent Tediore SMG, the orange Jakobs Revolver, and the Slag Nasty Surprise Orange Hyperion Gernade mod. 

If you're on xbox live - and you're having trouble getting the Holiday Skins I have copies I can dupe for you! I currently have skins for Maya, Axton, Kreig, and Salvador. My xbox gamertag is Schmitterz