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I was just wondering what the maximum lv was for Borderlands, Ive heard that it's only 50, but Ive also heard that it's 50lv's per play through(50*2=100) I've been trying to understand why the lv would be so high. It takes me several hundred thousand exp to lv up now at my curent lv, if it was 100lv cap i would think it would take at least several million. but im not sure.

I thought there was 3 playthroughs and the lvl cap is 50, no 50 per playthough

Level cap is 50. it has been mentioned in interviews with 2k. Sorry i dont have source.

Demoshi its 50 i have a couple level 50 characters and your character still gains exp but it only fills out the bar and you wont gain any more levels, this is the same for weapon proficiency. ~also there are only 2 playthroughs and everything carries over from the first. so you cant gain 50 levels in the first and 50 more in the second.

Have you guys noticed all new patches and dlc? Currently the lv cap is 59 and with dlc it is 69! I am lv 69 Soldier and it is the max on all platforms. Of course you can use willowtree to get to lv 70 but that´s cheating...

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