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Lt. Kilmore is a potential DLC Jarhead class character in Borderlands 2.


A former Dahl marine sent to Pandora to protect the Dahl scientists researching the Vault. After Dahl recalled all of their troops and scientists, Lt. Kilmore elected to stay and pursue the Vault himself. After many run-ins with Atlas, all of which he survived, General Knoxx personally offered him a job as second in command of the Atlas invasion force. Kilmore declined, not liking Atlas' ruthless interplanetary business practices. Knoxx then used his massive mechsuit to smash Kilmore's body into a splintery paste. Athena, even then having lost her taste for Atlas and their ways, rescued Kilmore and took him Dr. Zed, hoping to save him. Zed couldn't do much, save for sever Kilmore's head and keep it on life support. Athena wanted more for her fellow soldier, and so using Atlas tech, and with Zed and Scooter's help, built Kilmore a robotic body, suspending his head inside a glass jar atop the body. Kilmore swore vengeance against Atlas, and took off without thanking Athena. He found the Atlas Armory destroyed and Knoxx dead, his revenge stolen from him. Searching for someone to blame, he found one person claiming responsibility, not only for finding the Vault, but for the collapse of the Atlas Corporation: Handsome Jack.

Action Skill

Tactical Air Support (TAS)

Since Kilmore's body is made from Atlas tech, his Action Skill allows him to deploy a reformatted Lance Probe. It flies around, killing enemies, drawing their fire, much like a regular turret, though it acts more like Bloodwing or Deathtrap than a turret.

Skill Trees

Dahl Loyalty

Kilmore remains loyal to Dahl even though he's only a head. This skill tree offers him expanded magazines, enhanced accuracy when scoped in, more powerful burst fire, and even adds bayonets to his Dahl weapons.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Drum Mag 1 5 +5% magazine size per level with all Dahl guns.
Jungle Style 1 5 +5% Reload Speed per level with all Dahl guns.
Trigger Finger 2 5 -10% delay between bursts and +5% fire rate per level with all Dahl guns.
No One Gets Left Behind 2 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a Dahl gun increases your movement speed by 10% per level for a few seconds.
Honorable Discharge 3 5 All Dahl guns gain +6% gun damage per level when used against enemies shooting at you.
Fix Bayonets 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. All Dahl guns gain a bayonet that adds +100% melee damage. If the gun already has a bayonet, it gains +50% melee damage.
Dishonorable Discharge 3 5 All Dahl guns gain +10% gun damage per level when used against enemies not shooting at you.
5/16 Star 4 1 Increases rarity of Dahl guns found.
Ten Hut! 4 5 +10% Second Wind life per level if revived using a Dahl gun.
Whites of Their Eyes 5 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy at close range with a Dahl gun grants you +5% gun damage per level for a few seconds.
God Bless Browning 6 1 Major Gamechanger. While crouched, all Dahl guns have 100% accuracy and +50% recoil reduction.


This skill tree turns Kilmore into a one man army, capable of withstanding tremendous punishment with his robotic body, dealing powerful physical attacks, and maintaining his health and shields with a professionalism only a space marine could have.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Assault Marine 1 5 +3% movement speed while aiming down sights and +5% non-sprinting movement speed out of aiming per level.
 ??? 1 5  ???
Bad Company 2 5 Kill Skill. Whenever you kill an enemy with a critical hit, for a few seconds, you gain +3% gun damage, fire rate, and reload speed per level.
Fire in the Sky 2 5 +5% gun damage, fire rate, and accuracy while jumping per level.
Lean 3 5 Increases HP by 5% per level, and increases movement speed while in a sprint by 4% per level.
Mean 3 1 Melee Override. A powerful straight-in punch that drives enemies back and has a 20% chance to stun that enemy. If it lands, during its cooldown, Kilmore gains +10% gun damage and reload speed. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
Fighting Machine 3 5 Increases bullet damage and melee damage by +6% per level.
Drop And Give Me 50 4 5 If Kilmore enters a crouch while you have less than 80% of your Maximum Health, if he stays there and doesn't take damage for at least 5 seconds, he will start to regain health, increasing with speed with the ability's level. Taking damage, exiting crouch, or reaching 80% of your Maximum Health will cancel the health regen.
Knowledge is Power 4 5 Specing into this ability highlights critical hit zones on enemies for you only, not allies. Also, Kilmore gains +15% critical hit damage per level.
Super Soldier 5 5 +4% Damage Reduction and Shield Recharge Speed, and -5% Shield Recharge Delay per level.
War is The Answer 6 1 Major Gamechanger. Kilmore gains +25% Health, +25% Shield Capacity, +25% Fight For Your Life Duration, +25% Second Wind Health, and +25% Gun Damage.

Tactical Coordination

This tree is all about Kilmore and TAS working together. TAS gains greater mobility, drops health vials and shield boosters, attacks enemies with powerful machine guns and rockets, and can use Kilmore's grenades as homing beacons for its attacks.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
Supply Drop 2 1 Just before TAS is dismissed, it will drop ammo and health vials. If it is destroyed before its duration runs out, this ability won't trigger.
Bob and Weave 2 5 Increases TAS movement speed by 10% per level.
 ??? 3 5  ???
Pop Smoke 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. Whenever Kilmore throws a grenade, TAS will follow it and attack anything close to where the grenade lands.
 ??? 3 5  ???
Carpet Bomb 4 1 Air Support Ability. Clicking the Action Skill button causes TAS to fly across the battlefield in the direction you are facing and drop small grenades all the way, dealing explosive damage to everything in its path. This ability can only be used once per TAS activation.
 ??? 4 5  ???
 ??? 5 5  ???
Evac 6 1 Major Gamechanger. If you enter Fight For Your Life while Air Support is active, the turret will try to revive you. Revive speed is decreased by 25%, the turret can still take damage, and a successful revive dismisses the turret.


  • Kilmore notes the irony that Jarhead is slang for Marine, and his head is literally in a jar. He then shoots anyone who brings it up.
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