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So I downloaded the loottheworld app (released today I believe) and got to work right away trying to find cool loot. For those that don't know its a QR / UPC scanner but instead of pulling up a website it generates a piece of BL2 loot and assigns it to that code and u can then spend 'stamps' to send it to your in game account via shift. Anyway I received a level 73 siren mod today.. maybe I'm a noon but isn't the level cap still 72?? Does this mean we are getting a level cap increase soon or is this just a glitch?


Epicpoke: I think it is a glitch, seeing as after level 72, all items go to OP1, then 2, and so one until 8, (the equivelant of level 80). Get it anyway, see how it affects your game, and, if you cannot use it, troll a noob into buying it for a fortune or something.