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Looking for any Pearlescent guns and also looking for a good Bitch Legendary SMG.

What I have to trade: (* = not 100% sure if spec is correct, I can't check atm.)

Pearlescent -

Pearl Aries: Damage - 1355, Accuracy - 96.4, Fire Rate - 2.0*, Mag - 2, 4x Shock*, No scope :( :(

Hardened Ironclad: 2500 Something unsure of recharge rate.

Legendary -

Glorious Ogre: Damage - 380, Accuracy - 91.3, Fire Rate - 12.5, Mag - 69, 3x Explosive, 2.4x Zoom*, 70% recoil reduction

Liquid Orion: Damage - 929, Accuracy - 97.2, Fire Rate - 2.7, Mag - 15, 3x Shock

Pestilient Defiler: Damage - 1288, Accuracy - 96.7, Fire Rate - 1.9, Mag - 2, 4x Corrosive, 3.7x Weapon zoom, "very high elemental effect chance"

I have other legendaries but these are my best ones in my opinion. You can check my whole stock if you want to add me and I'm willing to trade any and all for any Pearlescent guns *if* they are good.

Also looking for a team to run Crawmerax. I don't care if we glitch and I would like to dupe any Pearl drops to be fair to all people. (If you are going to try to troll me about glitching/duping LOL jokes on you because I don't care what you say or think or do because it's a game and I'll just ignore you. Get over your life.)

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