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Hey guys,

I'm not super great at forum posting but I figured I'd give it a shot. I've been doing Crawmerax runs for quite some time with several different characters, obviously looking for pearlescents. I'm really looking for a Bessie and Jackal mainly, possibly Aries as well, ideally at level 66+. I have a fair amount to trade/dupe (though not quite sure how to dupe), just found a decent tsunami, and I have a x3 nemesis. I also havea mic if that would make things easier.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just shoot me a friend request with a message saying your for Borderlands (get a lot of random friend requests for Mass Effect 3), My PSN is Xystarch and I will be online probably around 11ish EST (just a guess) tomorrow/this morning depending on semantics.

Again thanks to anyone who actually responds.