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I am looking for an Aries that is around the max damage of 1300. I have pearls, not sure if i acquired them myself or traded for them (its been a while since i played), that I would be willing to dupe. GT: vietmanx

Hey i have an Aries for you (it's a construct though) it has the damage you are looking for plus 90+ accuracy and 2.0 Rate of Fire send me a message back or message me on XBOX. My gamertag is Three Coconuts Your Head Again and Again 08:39, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

ive got an aries ill dup for you. it does 1300+ damage. its legit. gamertag is uncool cracker —Preceding unsigned comment added by Uncool cracker (talkcontribs) I have an aries and GT:I WANCHA BABIES