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Looking for "Law" Pistol

I am looking to procure a "Law" class pistol to couple with my "Order" Shield. Prefer one with Melee attribute. Lvl req should be 40-50. —Preceding unsigned comment added by WhatsYourBoggle (talkcontribs)

All Law pistols have a melee accessory. The easiest way to get one of the appropriate level is to farm the Sheriff. Dämmerung 08:21, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

Not to be a downer or trying to be a smart ass but im pretty sure there is only one "Law" that works with the "Order" shield not to mention i think its the only law in the game currently i believe and it can be accuired 2 ways the first is a quest in sactuary and the second is doing a quest chain that spawns the sherif making her farmable(just a side note cause its somthing i think should be said in Borderlands there were many law pistols from different manuf. also but thy bosted average stats if not slightly better then regular pistols and main acc. was a blade my info on this comes from me loving how op these things looked with there 1k+ damage and a 100/150 damage blade and having a collection) i wish it was a stronger weapon in BL2 cause the joint effect thing is amazing however the shield and the pistol lack end game damage and it makes me sad (had a lvl 50 but only had 1.5k damage(sold it)Soulhunter2008 (talk) 09:33, October 15, 2012 (UTC)