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NOTE: Any direct disrespect of Lilith or Steele will be deleted by me and could lead to a vandalism report. Indirect or subtle (read: cleaver) disrespect is allowed. Final signature 10:26, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

There has been some speculation about Siren tattoos.

The biggest speculation is about Steele and her tattoos being the same as Lilith's, meaning that they both must be Sirens.

I think this needs clearing up ASAP with pics and screen shots!

I've started the pic and screenshot section and added some serious speculation on the subject.

ENJOY... I am the best robot 23:28, January 8, 2011 (UTC)

Pics and Screen shots:

Front kiss
Front mirrored
Full arm
Full front
Full rear
Lilith tattoos

Who doesn't want that?

Steele partial
Steele arm
Steele eye
Steele front
Steele right
Lilith phased


  • The tattoos are on the left side, any pics showing otherwise are mirrored.
  • Both Steele and Lilith have tattoos on the stomach and back.
  • If you scope Commandant Steele in The Backdoor, you can clearly see her tattoos.
  • If you get to The Vault, you get to see more tattoos because Steele's stomach is more exposed than Lilith's.


I believe that both are a 1/4 body tattoos on the left side from hip to shoulder and that all the lines are connected.

If you look closely at the "bia bad repeater" pic, you can see that the "J" on Steele's upper arm is mirrored on Lilith's arm, meaning that they are not exactly the same. Therefore, It's possible that the tattoos are cultural instead of Siren tattoos or that they show different factions and/or abilities of Sirens.

The achievement/trophy Steele-Trap is reminiscent of Lilith's skill Diva and adds some weight to speculation that Steele is a Siren. I am the best robot 00:39, January 9, 2011 (UTC)

Steele has visible tattoos wrapping around her waist and seems that this part of her tattoo is symmetrical. She also has tattoos under her right eye, giving weight to speculation that she has different abilities than Lilith and/or different cultures of aliens "altering" them.

Also, Lilith's ability seems like it stems from her tattoos from the phase lines she produces (it's kinda hard to see). I am the best robot 16:16, January 14, 2011 (UTC)


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