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Just for fun...

So, Lilith couldn’t resist the psychotic charm of good ole Mordy, and Mordy couldn’t resist Lilith’s…assets. They fell in love, after getting a Bladeflower and a skag pup (Ernie) they soon realized they would be together forever, 9 month’s later…Meredith was born…

Meredith (Siren/Hunter Hybrid)

Ability: Phased-Out

Like her mother Meredith has the ability to go into another dimension…sorta. Although she can become invisible to those living in this dimension, she is still partly here which means she is not invulnerable. However she still can move as fast as here mama, but unlike her mama, can release a hellstorm of bullets while “Phased-Out”. Her fathers DNA lends its hand in adding 100% damage to sniper rifles while “Phased-Out”.

I tend to enjoy the skill’s that effect weapons, hence Meredith has the best (IMO) from her father and mother in this respect.



Gun Crazy


Hair Trigger



Hit and Run

High Velocity


Mind Games



Meredith’s incredibly powerful with sniper rifles, taking the expertise of her father and mother and combining there skills making her one of the most feared Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy. Although she has a large price on her head posted by several agencies, a picture never accompanies her bounty, as her appearance and true identity are not known by anyone other than those closest to her. The only identifying attribute tying her bounties together, other than the precise hole left between the eyes of her target (if the head stays intact that is) is a black rose delivered via bloodwing to the victims funeral.

I would love to see some of your guys hybrid character treesEatingleg4peanut 13:10, May 26, 2011 (UTC)