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Willing to dupe/trade level 61 legendaries for seraph or other high level legendiaries or pearls. 

Have (all level 61)

Quick Brawler Badaboom

Rappid Badaboom

Contingent Invader

Auditing Invader

Tl'kope Skullmasher

Klook Skullmasher

Ferocious Shredifier

Resolute Shredifier

Attack Veruc

Patrol Veruc (fire)

Feral Veruc

Breach Veruc

Dum Pa Nukem

Win-Win logan's gun

Dynamic Logans Gun (fire)

Bustling Bunny (fire)

Swapper's Bunny

Guaranteed Baby Maker

Guarnateed Baby Maker (fire)

Perma-Sharp Baby Maker

Murdering Slagga

Impetuous Hellfire

Guileless hellfire

Bouncing Bonny (fire)

Homing Bouncing Bonny (shock)

Rolling thunder (x2)

Transformer (x2)


Fabled Tortoise

Basic Deliverance

Swiss Deliverance

Rapid Infinity

Purging Infinity (fire)

Restructuring Conference Call (fire)

Reactive Conference Call

Legendary Soldier/Siren/Berzerker/Hunter/Mechromancer

Fire damage relic (+27%)

Resistance Relic

Max Health Relic (level 50) +50%

Feral Veruc (slag)

Bolshy Lyuda (fire)

Expandified Sawbar

Depe a Tunguska

Onslaught Bearcat

Loaded Unforgiven

Perma-Sharp Avenger

Patriot's Stalker

Monstrous Pimpernel (corrosive)

Bone of the Ancients (relic, level 59) +29% corrosive, +34.6% cooldown rate

Deputy's Badge (relic) 11.8% shotgun damage, 48% shotgun reload

I also have a bunch of level 50 legendaries if people want them Corsair553 (talk) 00:34, July 12, 2013 (UTC)

I have seven of the eight pearlescents level 61.  They are as follows.

Expandified Sawbar (Incendiary)

Loaded Unforgiven

Patriot's Stalker (Corrosive)

Onslaught Bearcat (Vanilla)

Perma-Sharp Avenger (Vanilla)

Deep a Tunguska

Practicable Butcher (Shock)

I am interested in trading for the Transformer, Bee, Rapid Infinity, and Purging Infinity.  PSN VicTyko

Victyko (talk) 13:49, July 12, 2013 (UTC)Victyko

the max lvl bee?

Yes, it's the max level bee.  I now have the Sawbar, unforgiven, Stalker, Bearcat, Avenger, And Tunguska listed above, also for trade.  Thanks Victyko!  I also forgot to list that I have a level 59 Bone of the Anciens relic with 29% corrosive damage and 34.6% cooldown rate for trade as well.  My PSN for trades is Corsair553. 

I have a level 61 Dandy Storm now to add to the list.  Anyone interested? Victyko (talk) 13:57, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

I have a level 61 fabled tortoise now as well.  Corsair553.

I'll trade you the Storm for the Tortoise.  Victyko (talk) 16:06, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

Deal.  I'll ping you next time I'm on.  Corsair553. 

Sounds good.  Do you have a Norfleet and a Pyrophobia? Victyko (talk) 16:21, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

I don't have either of those at 61.  I have a level 50 pyrophobia, but that's not that helpful.  If I get one I can send it your way.  Incinerator Clayton is an easy enough farm.  Corsair553

New Legendaries: Bolshy Lyuda (fire) and Feral Veruc (slag) Corsair553