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Hello I'm ExoticAbuse, I'm a Lvl61 Mechromancer and I'm looking some LVL61 gear:

LVL61 Two Fer Maggie

LVL61 Double Penetrating Unkept Harold

LVL61 Every Practiceable Conference Call

LVL61 Potent Flakker

LVL61 Barking Storm

LVL61 Legendary Mechromancer Class Mod

LVL61 Legendary Roboteer

LVL61 Legendary Anarchist

LVL61 A Really Good Modded Shield

LVL61 Nasty Ogre

LVL61 Feriocous Shredifier

LVL61 Expandified Sawbar

If you have any of these things message me on Xbox Live please and thank you. 

All of my weapons now are LVL 50 to 60 if your interested in trading, right now I have about $3 million in in-game money and 7 keys or we can just duplicate them.

On a seperate note:

DO NOT DUPLICATE WITH TWISTEDxCYCLONE, I was going to duplicate 2 Infinity pistols for him and then he killed me when I was about to drop them then left as soon I got up. As of December 24th, 2013 he was a LVL 58 Assassin. I will say it again: DO NOT DUPLICATE WITH TWISTEDxCYCLONE unless you want to get robbed and get taunting messages.