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So i need to rant....

I never back my game files up. Never saw a need to do so. Until yesterday!! Right in the middle of saving and exiting my power flickered!!! I was like S***!! Turned my PS3 back on and sure enough my level 50 Maya was gone, simply gone!! Weird part my husbands level 50 Zero was completely unaffected. I was hosting the game he wasnt. So went into my PS3 save files and there was my Maya file completely corrupted. I lost everything but my badass points. Im pretty sure i didnt lose those because i have a level 18 Mechromancer who was also unaffected. So like the title says....LESSON LEARNED!! Seriously people back your files up!! Dont be arrogant like i was and think it wont happen to you. Oh well guess i can start over with Maya now.L y n n e talk 17:43, November 23, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry to hear that, Lynne :( Yeah I had a similar experience in BL1 when my fat PS3 yellow lighted... From that point on I back up anything and everything. It really sucks trying to re-level an entire character you had so high, so I'm definitely with you on this one, keep those files backed up! Abyss Raider (talk) 01:27, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, that's sad.  Aside from backing up save files, there are two other things people should keep in mind to avoid this.  First, UPS.  I know they're expensive but you can get one with 15-20 minutes of battery life (the box will say 45 but that's crap) for under $50, and that's not much, but it's enough to safely save and power everything down, or wait 5 minutes and see if it's just a short blink.  They also double as VERY effective surge protectors.  Second, PC.  I know people love the simplicity of consoles or their controllers or whatever (I've never been a console fan for a myraid of reasons, but I have no real problem with people who are) but yanno what?  I have a laptop with a decent GPU, a bluetooth controller (though I tend to prefer my mouse), and a secondary HDD with 60+ console titles on it.  I basically have a PSWii360-in-a-box that ALSO plays PC games.  Did I mention it has a built-in battery?  Anyhow, not gloating, but just saying, for $759 I have all 3 current consoles, a fairly decent PC, and no power-went-out-oh-noes issues.  Also my physical plastic discs that I don't use never get scratched this way ;)  Chuckmoney (talk) 08:03, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

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