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Hello fellow Vault Hunters!

I look for following stuff:

I don't really care if you dupe them (I do it too ^o^).

In exchange I can dupe following (all Lvl 61):

And some stuff, that isn't Lvl 61:

I can be online from 1pm. to 7pm. (GMT...I hope you guys can calculate your timezone...had some trouble with mine) on every day except thursday (please state the time and day to meet...leave it here or on my Talkpage).

My PSN address is: AlastorLines

Hi, I can dupe you Legendary Siren and I want your skullmasher. 

Online time every day 10pm. to 12am. (GMT +08:00), not sure can meet your time, but you can send me FR first.

My  PSN - sin_yeung

I can dupe you a Legendary Psycho and Norfleet, both 61. PSN :coolcale23

Hi I would love it if you could dupe me the Legendary Berserker(for me) and the Legendary Hunter(For my Brother).I would dupe you my Norfleet but its level 50(if you still want it just tell me ) on pretty much the whole day so yeah


Psn Royan05 (GMT +8:00)

(ps i did the line thingy :) )