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Hey guys, so i got my gunzerker to lvl 31 last night and i invested in the Keep Firing... skill, Plus my buddy gave me two identical lvl 28 infinitys. so i grabbed my lvl 26 sherrifs badge and got my fire rate up to godly heights, but i can still acheive more, with lay waste ( which will come in time) and a Legendary Berserker COM. I am asking this forum for a trade? i dont enjoy duping... but if i have to i will... but yeah thats what im looking for it has to be lvl 50 and i can trade or something, i recently picked up A TON of pearls from this lobby i joined but they are all lvl 61 so im willing to trade them for the COM. 

(I think like 3 butchers of different varieties a storm and some seraphs which i really want to get off my save since i do not own dlcs... they are all lvl 61, idk what lvl the seraphs are cus it says the dlc's name insted of lvl requirment)

My psn is DJFCloud9, and im usually on around 5:00 US Pacific time.

Thank you!