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This is my inventory:

(everything is level 50 unless otherwise specified)


Maggie (Trick Shot, Dastardly, Bowie, and Straight Shootin’)

Dynamic Logan’s Gun (Fire)

Unkempt Harold (Double Penetrating)

Unkempt Harold (Intense)

Tactical Hornet

Neutralizing Hornet (level 49)

Lots of Purples

A bunch of E-Tech


Hellfire (2 Lucids and 1 Acuminous)

Guaranteed Baby Maker (Level 49, Slag, won’t work for Hyperius)

Refill Baby Maker (Level 48, Normal, will work for Hyperius)

Several Purples (mostly Tediore)

Several E-Tech


Restructuring Conference Call (Fire)

Reactive Conference Call (Acid)

Sledge’s Shotgun

Barbed Stalker

Sinewy Flakker

Jakobs - Huntin’ Quad - (7418 x 18, 43% accuracy, 6 shot clip)

A few Purples

Several E-Tech

Assault Rifles

Swift Shredifier

Ferocious Shredifier

Attack Veruc

Many Purples

A few E-Tech (Fire and Corrosive with 230 round magazines)

Sniper Rifles

Volcano (Monstrous and Dandy)

Suppressive Pitchfork (normal)

Night Pitchfork (Fire)

Cartel Pitchfork (Acid)

Longitudinal Invader (Slag)

Gromsky White Death

Jakobs – Skookum Muckamuck – (31300 damage, 97.4% accuracy, 8 shot magazine)

Vladof – Bolshy Droog – (15866 damage, 94.2% accuracy, 33 shot drum, Acid)

Some E-Tech

Rocket Launchers

Deep a Nukem – (384929 damage, 5 shot clip)

Badaboom (Speeedee and Rappid)

Ruthless Mongol

Rocket Speed Bunny (Level 48)

A few Purples

Several E-Tech

Grenade Mods

Homing Pandemic

Lobbed Bouncing Bonny (Acid)

Sticky Lobbed Caustic Leech (Acid)

Rubberized Storm Front (Electric)

Lobbed Quasar (Level 49, Electric)

Breath of Terramorphous (Longbow and Homing)



The Bee

Hide of Terramorphous (best of several drops)

The Transformer (level 42)

Flame of the Firehawk (level 34 and probably level 50 by the time this is read)

Many Purples

Class Mods

Legendary Siren

Legendary Soldier

Legendary Berserker

Many Purples

Loyalty Relics

Jakobs – (70% magazine size, 100% accuracy recovery)

Jakobs – (-53.5% recoil, 70% magazine size)

Hyperion – (40% reload speed, 53.5% max accuracy)

Dahl – (70% magazine size)

Dahl – (-49.2 burst delay) (two separate relics)

Tediore – (30% damage, 70% magazine size)

Maliwan - (37.5% reload speed, 22.5% fire rate)

Maliwan – (29% damage, 22.5% fire rate)

Torgue – (67% magazine size, 95% accuracy recovery)

Bandit – (29% damage, 30% reload speed)

Damage Relics

30% increase to – Pistol, Corrosive, Sniper, Slag,

29% increase to – Fire

28% increase to – SMG, Shotgun, Assault Rifle

27% increase to – Launchers

Strength Relic – 30% increase to Melee Damage and Override Cooldown rate (one relic)

Ammo Relics (each line is one relic)

Stockpile - (61% increase to Assault Rifle, SMG, and Shotgun ammo capacity)

Stockpile – (64% increase to Pistol ammo and +4 grenades)

Stockpile (64% increase to Assault Rifle, Pistol, and Launcher ammo capacity)

Stockpile – (67% increase to Assault Rifle and Launcher ammo capacity)

Endurance Relics

50% Health

29% Shield Capacity and Recharge Rate (one relic)

23.7% Fire resist, 23.3% Acid resist, 24.2% Explosive resist, 25.5% Slag resist (one relic)

27.3% Shock resist and 25.3% Slag Resist (different relic)

Miscellaneous Relics

Blood of Terramorphous - (.5% health regen/second and perhaps other effects)

Proficiency Relic – (35% action skill cooldown rate)

Tenacity Relic – (29% increase to fight for your life time and +144% second wind health)

Sheriff’s Badge - (20.7% pistol damage, 52.5% pistol fire rate, 15% fight for your life time)

Deputy’s Badge – (10.5% shotgun damage, 44% shotgun reload speed)

The Afterburner – (67.4% boost capacity, 97.4% boost recharge rate, 49.3% boost recharge delay)


Special Editions (all)

Handsome Jack’s Mask (Gunzerker)

Boat Murderer (Gunzerker)

C0al Train (Assassin

Alienati0n (Assassin)

Metal Fear (Siren)

Looking For

(level 50 items only, please)

(I'm crossing out things as I get them. Anything crossed out is something I now have for trade.)

Most Wanted:

Siah-siah Skullmasher (Will trade 5 items for it)

Legendary Hunter Class Mod (Will trade 5 items for it )

Purging Infinity or Dva Infinity (Will trade 4 items for it)

Explicit Devastator (4)

Analytical Bitch (4)

Doc’s Striker (4)

Royal Deliverance (4)

Evolution (4)

Norfleet (4)

The Sham (4)

Cradle (4)

Longbow Quasar (4)

O Negative, Meteor Shower, or Crossfire (4 for each)

Black Hole (3)

The Transformer (3)

Tortoise (3)

Neogenator (3)

Hive (3)

Pyrophobia (3)

Dastardly Judge (3)

Tiny Tina’s Cobra (3)

Sticky Homing Bonus Package (3)

Nasty Surprise (3)

I’ll trade 2 items for any of these:


Thunderball Fists


Two Fer Maggie

Pocket Rocket


Refill Baby Maker (fire)




Heart Breaker

Shotgun 1340

Slow Hand (I have all kinds)

Assault Rifles

Onslaught Scorpio



Hammer Buster

Sniper Rifles

Skookum Buffalo

Fremington’s Edge

Skookum Trespasser



Rocket Launchers


Derp Nukem

12 Pounder



Pot o’ Gold


Fire Bee


My xbox live ID is: Auza Fire

If you want to trade, go ahead and send me a message or a friend request.

If you want to work out details or get stats on anything, my email address is: