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Looking for the Community day Heads/Skins.

if you happen to have any and would like to doup them with me, message me by gamertag: Siless 213

Please and many thanks! ^.^


As far as I have experienced (on PS3 though), the Community Day Items dont stay in the Inventory, when you quit a Session. Making Trading quite difficult, maybe even impossible.

BUT I got a good Farming Spot for those: Go to Claptraps Place in Windshear Waste and loot all the Bullymong Piles you find. It has a suprisingly high drop chance of the CD Heads/Skins. It may take about 30 - 60 Minutes, until you should have them all. I made it on Normal mode, if it even matters.

Make sure your Online, since its a Hot Fix.

Blackarcher35 (talk) 08:01, September 16, 2013 (UTC)