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Looking for Infinity Weapons23:56, October 8, 2018Coolscottclub
LF Borderlands 1 loot07:35, October 6, 2018Coolscottclub
LF Rose Shield05:32, October 6, 2018Coolscottclub
Want space knight for axton i have lvl 50 unkept harold gt is Fighting4Falcon22:29, July 30, 2017Fighting4Falcon
Im looking for a lv 72 grog nozzle or a level 72 fire conferance call04:16, March 10, 2017Courier619
Im on xbox 36007:52, December 14, 2016Courier619
Gamertag darktrypticon need level 72 norfleet07:50, December 14, 2016Courier619
Looking for level 72 norfleet07:30, December 14, 2016Courier619
Looking for level 50 norfleet and sham shield00:59, May 1, 2016Dastardlygem11
5 Conference Calls Lvl. 5004:42, April 29, 2016DieGekEen
(360) Looking for Community Day Skins and Heads05:34, January 29, 2016DoriSai
Xbox360 Looking for lv 72 legendaries20:32, July 25, 2015The affectedSON
360 Willing to dupe any OP8 legendary - looking for modded weapons20:26, July 25, 2015The affectedSON
Looking for Co-op18:49, July 24, 2015SkinnyRedDude
I need a level 60 and 70 rustlers quad for the pre sequel17:05, March 25, 2015Epicklutcher94
I need a level 60 and 70 rustlers quad17:04, March 25, 2015Epicklutcher94
360 Willing to dupe all my gear/ looking for black modded gear00:02, March 21, 2015Drkangel010
Need an electric sand hawk for op 2. anyone got it?20:09, March 12, 2015Monsterguy63
Willing to duplicate non-elemental infinity level 3707:19, December 3, 2014Haloking7410
Xbox360 I need elamental bitch asap eletric or corosive only please dupe me GamerTag is bashstian26 no caps !!!!!02:43, December 1, 2014Bashtian26
360 I need someone to gameshare me the raid on digistruct peak dlc21:52, November 30, 2014SL StrZ
360 i need the stinger or a vengeful infinity plz23:55, November 27, 2014CarribeanGamez
I Need a ice aegis/probe with a melee atachment04:04, November 21, 2014Epicklutcher94
My gt Is Epicklutcher94 If you want to be speed leveled send me a message on xbox and i will gladly do it02:38, November 21, 2014Epicklutcher94
360 need legendaries for presequel16:40, November 19, 2014Haloking7410
True Neutral Necromancer Class Mod22:52, November 16, 2014Helen Ke1Ier
Searching Conference Call16:31, October 16, 2014Neomasters
Lvl 72 legendaries00:59, August 1, 2014Diablo0683
360 Need Various Kittens!11:25, July 19, 2014Hctfuzz722
Xbox360 LF: Lvl 55-60 legendary gear to dupe, Cramerax is murdering me!21:04, July 15, 2014Fzzlove
Xbox 360 Anyone want a level 71 Bearcat?03:47, July 12, 2014Karate7307
360 BL2 Leg. Mods for Trade20:48, June 27, 2014Hctfuzz722
(360) Legendaries02:51, June 23, 2014Tobdog21
Lvl 50 Warrior Loot17:40, June 20, 2014Christrombone
Xbox 360 lvl 61 legendaries and pearls16:44, June 14, 2014Ak 47fireshaman
360 Level OP8 FASTBALLS. Does anyone have and can dupe any OP8 fastballs? GT RedRumINSIDIOUS. I work with paypal02:15, May 21, 2014Nix102897
I need LVL 61 SMG and ASSAULT RILES, hvae other rear items to trade.01:40, May 4, 2014InfinitysCross
LF lvl 56 to 60 pearls and legendaries dupe or trade please19:09, May 2, 2014Athannay Eodorethay Olmeshay
360 Need The sham lvl 7211:43, April 29, 2014LurchiDerLurch8
Looking for Modded guns for Borderlands 221:35, April 22, 2014Abzapp
360 Looking for OP8 Cobra23:40, April 15, 2014Forxandknives
Need lvl 72 loot NOW18:18, April 13, 2014Bl2fan99
After 3 straight days of Bunker farming, I still need a lvl 56-60 Sham pleas, I beg of thee! Release me of my burden!!!!! Thanks, gamertag DarkAthiestX on Xbox 36002:23, March 30, 2014Veggienater
Vladof Sniper23:23, March 13, 2014ThatsFine9
*NOT* Looking to Trade/Dupe Items21:08, February 15, 2014BenillaK19
360 Looking for Legendary Snipers around level 5005:59, February 13, 2014Dreamknightx
360 Looking for level 50 legendaries02:11, February 13, 2014Pandamonium71213
360 lking for op8 gear13:04, January 23, 2014Lotwkno3
LF Metal Blood Mechromancer head12:26, January 5, 2014Voidwolfjedi
360 Legendary Sickle14:01, December 28, 2013Kawika654
Looking for level 61 x box 360 gear05:57, December 25, 2013The208Hunter
Level 61 Gear Wanted03:02, December 25, 2013ExoticAbuse
Looking for OP 8 Twister06:02, December 21, 2013MpRevo
Looking to trade OP weapons05:41, December 18, 2013Dontdwell412
Xbox Looking for Blockhead OP 8 and other Legendaries16:24, November 30, 2013Zombiesheepgamer
Gaige Heads/Skins01:07, November 2, 2013TenderJames
Looking for a lvl 72 fire sand hawk. No need for OP. I have an electric for trade.22:24, October 28, 2013Hptrican
Fire infinity06:04, October 27, 2013MTV9802
360 Double Pen. Unk. Harold16:14, October 25, 2013Grindfest
Heads15:37, October 24, 2013Msuth93
360 LF lv72 shock infinity / shock conference call22:43, October 16, 2013Triplegunnar
Looking for all of the unique gear themed around Moxxi.03:04, October 14, 2013CHUCKN0RRIS199
360 LF lv 72 pearls/legendaries15:35, October 13, 2013Deadlock82
Xbox Looking for Legendary Berserker Class Mod lvl 50-6112:06, September 27, 2013Xboxfan401
360 LF Legendary Torch mod lv 50+22:29, September 26, 2013Nickerson Exe
Lf lvl 50 sandhawk and infinity pistol03:43, September 25, 2013Zach-guerra
Looking for Lvl. 61 to dupe.. Have plenty of 50, 55 &57 legendary's to trade or dupe.00:05, September 25, 2013Xboxfan401
Looking for any legendary03:12, September 18, 2013Zach-guerra
Looking for lvl50 skullmasher03:07, September 18, 2013Zach-guerra
Looking for lvl 57 legendaries or pearls to dupe02:51, September 18, 2013Zach-guerra
Xbox LF Lvl 50 Dupe Conference Call & Bee02:34, September 18, 2013Zach-guerra
LF Banshee class mod: Siren21:00, September 16, 2013Siless 213
LF Community Day Heads/Skins08:01, September 16, 2013Blackarcher35
Lf lv 61 sham03:11, September 15, 2013Modernreflex911
Axton's Blue Bomber16:57, September 14, 2013Jiggum
Looking for a lvl 72, op 1, or op 2 shock Sandhawk23:42, September 11, 2013APaganWiseWolf
LF LVL 55 legendaries19:24, September 8, 2013Msuth93
Looking for lv 61 norfleets19:39, September 5, 2013Modernreflex911
360: lookin for a perfect tediore relic14:25, September 2, 2013Zaghjam
Will dupe level 61 uniques and legends04:21, August 31, 2013Mkirshnikov
360 looking for lvl 61 gear14:20, August 28, 2013Monday93
Im looking for a lvl 61 slow hand to dupe19:17, August 27, 2013Gringo355
Need lvl 61 Skookum Trespasser I have many legendary guns to trade/dupe including lvl 61 Shredifier and Norfleet Xbox GT is SynystrAssassin14:47, August 27, 2013SynystrAssassin
360 2 Teeth of Terramorphous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:05, August 25, 2013FighTforHonoR
Lvl61 Legendaries available for trade.17:41, August 25, 2013Undisputed Dave
360 LF Lvl 61 Longbow Stormfront, Cobra and infinity Pistols21:56, August 24, 2013Fenris2010
Looking for x7 Conference Call. I've got Bee, Vengeful Corrosive Infinity, Hawk Eye, Legendary Siren Mod, ect ect.06:46, August 23, 2013Sgt Jiraiya
If anybody can get me an evolution lvl 61 i can dup lots of legendarys and seraphs on xbox gt: SnazzyMoa22:22, August 22, 2013Snazzymoa
Looking for Hacked/Modded weapons19:48, August 21, 2013Gringo355
Antagonist i so fn want one lol22:45, August 17, 2013Zaghjam
LF Space Knight, Leg. Commando Mod @lvl 50; WTT/D03:44, August 12, 2013AngryAirborne
Interfacers and chaotic evil monk mods01:10, August 7, 2013GoldrE
360 Looking for lvl. 50 Conference Call01:35, August 6, 2013GodAssassin0068
Xbox ISO Flying Sandhawk level 61 (LEGIT, NO DUPES)23:46, August 3, 2013Tiger123198
LF dark night skin and unreality head for zero15:41, August 3, 2013Msuth93
LF sandhawk we can dupe16:05, August 2, 2013SnipeU9000Times
Looking for a level 61 stormfront, Quasar, and legendary psycho class mod07:20, July 31, 2013ThePalehorse
Trading for Krieg "I CANT BREATH IN THIS THING" Head01:45, July 31, 2013HeavyWeapon89
360 need a level 61 redundant fibber with electric elemental damage02:49, July 30, 2013Starfox4024
LF level 61 legendaries. I have lvl 61 legendary psycho class mod. will dupe21:48, July 29, 2013Proxomize
LF tiny tina dlc skin for Zer012:55, July 27, 2013Msuth93
All seeing eye skin and Bunker head10:33, July 27, 2013Illegalinternet
Diamond Loot Chest Code Trade16:28, July 26, 2013Corsair553
Lvl 61 twin hornet15:21, July 26, 2013DMRLOTUS1SA
360 anyone out there that can help a bro out looking for a lv 61 infinity or unkempt harold have some mixed lv legendaries, incendiary fastball, caustic leech, zammechat white death, loaded maggie, patrol veruc, msg @ modern reflex9120:55, July 25, 2013Modernreflex911
I am looking for a fire and shock badaboom if you have both or just one at lvl 61 msg me at rofle shannon on the xbox.10:55, July 23, 2013Rofle shannon
Looking for Bee shield any level02:19, July 23, 2013GodAssassin0068
Looking for Lvl 50 legendaries14:18, July 22, 2013Msuth93
Looking for Rubi's02:24, July 19, 2013Assasinatejack360
Legendaries Available02:21, July 19, 2013Assasinatejack360
LF lv 61 Sawbar21:22, July 17, 2013DemonicAngel318
LF unkempt/infinity dupe, have legends/pearls for trade lvl 60-61 pls17:22, July 17, 2013DemonicAngel318
XbX360 Lvl 50 Legends Dupes4Dupes23:09, July 14, 2013Vizix
Could use help getting a decent level Hammerbuster00:38, July 13, 2013IronmAndrew
LF Lvl 61 hoplite got lvl 50-57 legends GT: DMMcNicholas9804:42, July 12, 2013Popqguy
Looking for level 61 Norfleet03:21, July 11, 2013Marine force89
Looking for lvl 61 White Deaths Have a bunch of legends, pearls, and seraphs05:04, July 10, 2013WarBlade
Fire Norfleet01:59, July 7, 2013Sgt wigglytuff
Lf fire badaboom lvl 6112:58, July 6, 2013Rofle shannon
I have most unique and legendary items for trading but am looking for certain things msg me at my username on xbox16:33, July 5, 2013Klerik
360LF boss heads05:14, July 5, 2013Nihilus Mada
Legendary Psycho Class Mod for dupe xbox07:18, July 4, 2013Mr HOLY GSUS
Looking for an two fer unforgiven with a zoom in scope. Will trade almost anything for it22:46, July 3, 2013Undisputed Dave
LF- Xbox 360 Infinity LVL 5022:04, July 3, 2013J3wandowski
Anybody willing to pay 800ms points for all characters up to 61 and a lot of loot?10:14, July 3, 2013Rofle shannon
Legendary Assassin Class Mod03:47, July 3, 2013Marine force89
Looking for chain lightning. will dupe new dlc heads for you03:14, July 3, 2013Marine force89
Xbox 360 LF lvl 61 infinity and Flying Sandhawk03:12, July 3, 2013Marine force89
LF Tiny Tina DLC Heads and Skins20:42, July 2, 2013Travisslapstiny
LF- LV 50 infinity weapons15:53, July 2, 2013Mendoza902
I need a Bessie or any other pearlecents or legendaries for that matter21:20, July 1, 2013Nexus318
Lf twin teapot and twin hornet19:55, July 1, 2013BigCoffinHunter151
Looking for legendaries/pearls. Will give 400 MP in return22:47, June 29, 2013Wild Shenanigan
Blood of terramorphous for legendary weapon? (xbox)00:28, June 28, 2013Jackieboyc
Anyone have legendary gunzerker class mod do dupe lvl 6117:06, June 27, 2013Derman123
Banshee class mod15:08, June 27, 2013DMRLOTUS1SA
Fire norfleet15:08, June 27, 2013DMRLOTUS1SA
Willing to help low levels with lengendarys and levels02:55, June 26, 2013Mkirshnikov
Someone trade me a lvl 61 legendery for a another lvl 61 legendery23:22, June 25, 2013Root Beer Wiz
PrincessVoss Trading List Updated19:07, June 24, 2013PrincessVoss
My Trading List12:27, June 18, 2013I am the best robot
LF: 2 Vengeful Infinity Pistols, Skookum Hawkeye, Skookum Cobra Xbox 36012:25, June 18, 2013I am the best robot
I like to farm with people :D03:05, June 18, 2013Neonyak
LF Dahl sniper00:17, June 16, 2013APaganWiseWolf
XBox 360 maliwan plasmacaster wanted please!!15:04, June 14, 2013Wyrmholez
Willing to give golden keys to anyone who helps me level 2 characters to level 5021:36, June 10, 2013FTW Harbinger
Xbox Trade Legendary Psycho Classmod22:23, June 9, 2013Bouncey Gunner
Rare Heads and Skins collection19:46, June 5, 2013Wyrmholez
Xbox: UVHM Dam fine rescue mission17:34, June 4, 2013Christopher Mills5
Nedd a few more legendary02:16, June 4, 2013Ilkemel21
Slag fastball anyone02:13, June 4, 2013Ilkemel21
Looking to dupe some legendary mongol, veruc, pitchforks13:45, June 3, 2013Ilkemel21
LF: Blue Scream Sickle Class Mod15:40, June 2, 2013BigBrother1984
Will you dupe some pearl weapons13:48, May 28, 2013Sakuretsu115
If intrested in infinities willing to dupe04:56, May 28, 2013MooseDaGoose
Head mods03:05, May 25, 2013Thisguy13
Level 50 Unkempt Harold01:55, May 25, 2013Assasinatejack360
Looking to trade19:34, May 21, 2013Klerik
Open for trade/dupe and I need a LEVEL 61 HELLFIRE SMG01:52, May 21, 2013Trogil1
Casual gamer needs help00:17, May 19, 2013Chegui22
360 - The Vault is Open!20:35, May 17, 2013Auza Fire
Legendary's and pearlescent to trade02:50, May 17, 2013DBouck48
Psycho heads/skins please21:44, May 16, 2013Msuth93
LF lvl 61 bee shield, Unkempt Harold, and Legendary Mechromancer class mod02:19, May 14, 2013Klerik
LF some heads and lv61 Legendary Psycho mod02:14, May 14, 2013Klerik
Will trade yellow jacket for twister, dupe or trade03:47, May 13, 2013Gnonkage
LF Conference Call and Corrosive Infinity Dupe15:40, May 11, 2013Sparky10131997
Looking for a conference call level 50 any spec if your willing to trade :)19:13, May 10, 2013SuperSmeagoll
No Longer Looking. Sorry for not changing this sooner.05:55, May 9, 2013BigBrother1984
Looking for pearls and legends01:39, May 9, 2013Care kills
Natural selection annex11:05, May 6, 2013AKinkyNarwhal
Don't feel like re farming14:10, May 5, 2013Mister Koy
Looking for Mods00:56, May 5, 2013I am the best robot
LF lvl 61 Sham with 94% absorb00:30, May 5, 2013Offic3rh0tpants
LF lvl 61 Infinity15:55, May 1, 2013Tuterking
Looking for level 61 skullmasher or hawkeye i have a lot of legendarys05:21, April 28, 2013OffhandWatet859
LF Conference Call & Infinity12:42, April 22, 2013Hefe
Looking for Sham and conference call12:39, April 22, 2013Hefe
Heads and Skins03:55, April 22, 2013Darkassassin343
I need a lvl 61 rubi with slag17:21, April 21, 2013Mordecai1997
I need level 61 legendaries12:33, April 20, 2013Normundo
Looking for a skullmasher or hawkeye i have alot of legandarys16:27, April 15, 2013APaganWiseWolf
Looking for a sham shield to dupe please help13:33, April 14, 2013Mordecai1997
XBox 360 Serge311's trading post06:06, April 14, 2013Serge311
XBOX looking for level 61 fire or electric sand hawk (I HAVE ALL PEARLESCENTS EXCEPT HORNET)23:45, April 12, 2013Ddoser
Looking for level 61 shock weapons10:22, April 11, 2013Noillucs
Looking for Heads, Rares, Mods, Dupes. Whatever.12:30, April 10, 2013FenderBender08
Looking for sham shield04:35, April 7, 2013Tehruihz
Looking to dup pearlescent weapons18:16, April 6, 2013SKYWARDhunter24
Looking for heads/skins for all characters16:47, April 6, 2013Thedoctor2099
Looking for dp pocket rocket and legendary class mods03:13, April 6, 2013Chegui22
Willing to trade conference calls and other legendaries for a infinity pistol04:36, April 3, 2013Reddragon3999
Looking for a Conference Call18:34, March 29, 2013Dcraine
Will dupe for help17:16, March 23, 2013Chegui22
Looking for conference call, flakker or any infinities01:17, March 23, 2013Kfog
Looking for shotgun 1340 and shield 1340 will dupe sand hawk rex or double shot hornet07:44, March 22, 2013Mkirshnikov
Looking for Luck of Zafords (Maya) Skin02:28, March 22, 2013AL3XMAR517
Looking for infinity17:57, March 15, 2013Odin wolf
Conference Call01:44, March 13, 2013TBolar21
Xbox trade21:35, March 10, 2013Realscotty
XBox 360 tradeable goods15:24, March 10, 2013King Raven 317
Trading level 50 Bitch, White Death or Veruc for a level 50 Tediore Plasma Caster02:39, March 7, 2013CybilStrings
Looking for space knight head, hammer buster and the striker02:37, March 3, 2013Darth Lime
Captain Flynt's Tinderbox17:20, March 1, 2013BigCoffinHunter151
Hammerbuster04:16, March 1, 2013TwinKeyMan 936
Heads and skins for Gunzerker. Will dupe any legendaries i have23:36, February 27, 2013DarkValar
Looking for guns, will dupe or trade21:19, February 24, 2013APaganWiseWolf
Legendarys for trade00:20, February 20, 2013Ak47 fireshaman
The Sham shield16:05, February 19, 2013Dsg95kroq
Looking for any rare heads and skins will dupe any guns06:24, February 19, 2013XeddMarston
Xbox 36000:22, February 19, 2013Sn1p3r501
Have minecraft heads and skins to trade14:51, February 18, 2013Msuth93
Norfleets pls Verm is a bitch09:15, February 16, 2013FAME INSIDIOUS
Looking for Tiny Tina's Cobra and Texas Twister22:17, February 15, 2013FAME INSIDIOUS
Cobra22:09, February 15, 2013FAME INSIDIOUS
Want to trade for Razor head for Assassin20:34, February 14, 2013Msuth93
Infinity help and player search21:09, February 13, 2013Skyb0yBL2
Looking for some weapons 'Help Please'17:12, February 11, 2013WILES240
Looking for snowblind commando head05:05, February 7, 2013Veggienater
Wanted: fire elemental bitch07:01, February 1, 2013Shaquestafields
Need Help trading/duping05:04, January 30, 2013Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Have some Legendaries for trade/dupe07:00, January 29, 2013Twitchayyy
360 Having No Luck Farming01:36, January 27, 2013Nihilus Mada
I am looking for a elemental LVL 50 Infinity with over 9000 damage13:38, January 26, 2013WILES240
Willing to pay for dupe of a few items.01:27, January 26, 2013Ragnarohk
Looking for Infinity.00:23, January 26, 2013Ko0laid0d00m
Looking for Redundant Fibber 36009:04, January 25, 2013Skimpy J
360 Looking for a legendary shields, class mods, also Siren Heads and skins15:29, January 23, 2013WILES240
Looking 4 LVL 50 sub machine guns (I CAN DUPE)20:28, January 21, 2013Harpzeecord
Looking for a good corrosive pistol... And a hand.02:15, January 21, 2013Bobwang57
360 farming TOO long09:51, January 20, 2013Informer232
Tradeordupe16:27, January 19, 2013Datki11a007
Looking for lvl 50 legendary smgs19:35, January 16, 2013Lorkn
Looking for a level 50 corrosive synergy18:02, January 16, 2013Gummo30
Searching for Fibber13:58, January 16, 2013Mister Koy
Too much farming17:35, January 15, 2013SToBo
Legendary Drops19:01, January 14, 2013BenillaK19
360 lvl 50 Flakker for Conference Call16:48, January 14, 2013Jaybatch213
Been farming for too long...03:02, January 13, 2013Bradloe
Help with more weapons...20:13, January 10, 2013Das Steube
Need Help... Again :(22:25, January 9, 2013Sbuub
Skins reset, HELP!17:21, January 8, 2013APaganWiseWolf
Looking for level 50 Electric Norfleet, Stromfront21:53, January 7, 2013Das Steube
Rare skins...have massive inventory to make worth your while20:03, January 7, 2013Jplash
Please Help with some items!17:12, January 7, 201363.248.92.14
Still playing?16:20, January 5, 201390.198.109.28
Looking for a few items10:09, January 5, 2013Offic3rh0tpants
Looking for a level 50fibber18:03, January 4, 2013208.54.35.233
Asking for help with few items13:06, January 4, 201372.28.229.11
Need Help11:09, January 4, 2013Happypal
Looking for legendary siren class mod17:13, December 31, 201250.138.126.125
Looking for a level 50 Shredifier19:50, December 29, 201298.141.160.226
Looking for any level 50 legend, will give low level legend18:38, December 29, 201250.138.126.125
Looking for Thunderball Fist and/or Shock Conference Call22:36, December 28, 201299.112.176.77
Looking for Commando Space Knight Willing to dupe a substantial amount of legendaries03:31, December 28, 2012Ragnarohk
Looking for Infinity/Babymaker10:02, December 26, 201279.32.46.146
Looking for lvl 50 shreddifier, willing to trade11:44, December 25, 201299.100.33.206
Trade legendaries21:05, December 24, 2012DamianDavis
Conference call21:39, December 22, 2012EcksMkII
Trade/Dupe with me04:06, December 22, 2012Mediocre Ninja
Spiderbite skin02:48, December 21, 201271.194.91.128
Looking to trade my Slayer of terramorphous(assasin) for your mechromancer variant...18:08, December 20, 2012Sleazyt87
Swap some legendaries?10:53, December 20, 201275.155.255.129
Looking for some legendaries00:36, December 19, 2012Bigfoot000
Looking for legendary mechromancer mod and XXX head23:00, December 18, 201282.58.130.75
I'm looking for the orange level weapons "infinity" and "The conference call"21:35, December 15, 201290.220.129.18
Looking for Bee Shield with 50k+ AMP damage05:07, December 15, 2012Jbjburrito
Looking for Terramorphous Team01:48, December 15, 2012Xader69
Looking for Items / Have Legendaries can Dupe17:18, December 12, 201270.180.105.35
Looking for items!16:48, December 11, 2012APaganWiseWolf
What you need?23:46, December 8, 201267.61.11.241
Got some good stuffs for ya!23:44, December 8, 201267.61.11.241
Plz dupe CC and bee22:18, December 7, 201275.72.129.183
Looking For level 25+ Blockhead23:43, December 4, 2012Ragnarohk
Large Selection21:40, December 1, 2012Auza Fire
Looking to Buy/Sell/Trade Legendaries, E-Tech, and Seraph08:27, December 1, 2012Mshiv97
I just want a Conference Call!!!13:31, November 29, 201270.196.129.110
Looking for Baby Maker, Maliwan E-Tech dupes. Will dupe back08:14, November 27, 201299.146.36.211
Can't ever get a decent weapon....07:59, November 27, 201275.155.255.129
XBOX Looking for level 50 Unkempt Harold02:40, November 27, 2012BigBrother1984
Items trade.05:43, November 23, 2012194.165.26.101
Contraband Sky Rocket Needed05:24, November 20, 201254.241.96.33
Looking for shock/fire conference calls.05:09, November 20, 201298.255.142.167
Looking for legendary mechromaner mod17:00, November 18, 201298.141.160.226
Legendary wep dupe session!23:41, November 15, 201224.254.200.175
Looking to Buy Sell or Trade17:35, November 15, 2012Bigevil1
360 looking for 3 Mechromancer heads22:25, November 12, 201224.19.112.171
I have an infinity pistol lvl 5020:23, November 12, 201299.6.90.146
Looking For Skullmasher/Patriot00:10, November 8, 201268.229.63.236
Looking for Legendary Soldier/Mechro and Shock CC. Legendaries for trade/dupe.00:28, November 6, 201271.197.244.209
360 Bee Shield17:11, November 4, 201274.194.25.138
Seraph Weapons02:29, November 4, 2012Darth Lime
XBOX looking for Alkaline Bee shield level 5002:28, November 4, 2012Darth Lime
Zer0 heads and skins20:33, November 3, 201284.13.99.240
Need xxx head for mechro, have Shadowloo stylish head for commando to offer12:00, November 3, 201280.5.28.56
Looking for a LvL 50 Sham10:12, November 2, 2012Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Looking for 90+% sham07:59, November 2, 201298.84.205.11
Offering legendary dupes01:44, November 2, 2012Shaquestafields
Looking for bouncing bonnie grenade01:41, November 2, 2012Shaquestafields
Head trades19:14, October 31, 201298.215.238.253
XBox 360 legendary trade00:46, October 30, 2012Harpzeecord
Trading legendarys11:41, October 29, 201286.25.225.156
LF: Legendary Class Mods22:18, October 28, 2012Mentlegentlemen?
Looking for infinity gun15:49, October 27, 201286.25.227.23
Did they nerf The Bee yet?22:42, October 25, 2012Undisputed Dave
Dupe CC16:58, October 25, 2012GUNNYSGTKIEF
Trading and duping community xbox10:24, October 25, 2012DefaulTx
XBox conference for conference?00:43, October 25, 2012Redcobra10
Xbox looking for conference call11:57, October 24, 2012Back2TheKitchen
Looking for Lv 50 Baby Maker trades03:29, October 23, 2012Wick GT
Looking for a Gunerang?01:06, October 22, 2012202.45.119.28
Longbow Breath of terramorphous for trade13:11, October 21, 201286.136.35.58
Blood of terramorphous18:46, October 20, 201286.136.35.58
Hide of terramorphous17:37, October 20, 201286.136.35.58
Xbox 360 can someone dupe a lvl 50 rapid infinty for me pls18:15, October 18, 201295.146.188.179
Breath of Terramorphous(Longbow)14:38, October 15, 2012BlexicanGuy
Looking for "Law" Type pistol+melee09:34, October 15, 2012Soulhunter2008
Duplicating weapons for $$$$19:26, October 8, 2012173.93.246.151
Xbox looking for boatmurderer or superduper fly i have a bunch of orange weapons19:04, October 8, 201224.4.31.26
Looking for a level 50 The Bee on Xbox.14:53, October 6, 2012Pavilonn
XBox Looking for Bee Shield, Quest for Hellquist is Blocked?23:47, October 5, 2012Diclonus
Trade/dupung for a Legendary Zerker Mod03:50, October 5, 2012Pavilonn
Looking for +shotgun Damage relic00:39, October 5, 201271.92.33.97
Need to get rid of a lot of powerful guns for BL1. Will trade for BL2 guns or maybe I'll be nice and not ask for anything. XBox GT: Brewt4lity01:16, October 4, 2012Brewtality
Looking for a high-end Ogre01:12, October 4, 2012Brewtality
Selling "Cold Steel" (Siren Head From Terra)13:05, October 2, 201263.145.155.158
Xbox 360 looking for E-Tech will give 500,000 or trade a rare gun21:33, October 1, 2012Slowrider7
Can anybody with a xbox 360 who has special edition trade the special commando head i have some reallyv strong guns19:39, September 24, 2012Chrome Commando
INFINITE Golden Keys On PS3 & XBOX!19:36, September 20, 2012EpicGamerWorld
Lvl 21 commando LFG to play borderlands 2 with16:51, September 20, 2012Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Xbox 360 BL2 facebook page for trading01:25, September 18, 201271.163.9.215
Xbox 360 FB2 facebook page00:38, September 18, 201271.163.9.215
Looking for Orion06:55, September 1, 201297.123.203.6
Looking for modded guns16:33, August 20, 2012174.31.15.26
Looking for a Omega shield03:31, August 16, 201276.170.220.73
Looking for a high level skullmasher17:56, August 14, 201272.22.248.94
BL 1 Weapons Giveaway05:15, July 23, 2012Veggienater
Anyone have a spare Kyros' Power?04:50, June 10, 2012PaulSandy7780
360 Pearlescent Giveaway02:41, June 9, 2012Montybrady
360 Getting rid of some guns00:59, April 2, 2012AwesomeStCool
Cyan Tsunami and avenger FT also High Chimera00:05, March 8, 201269.245.43.39
Lokking for high damage Mongol00:16, January 22, 2012Razldazlchick
360 looking for an Avenger and Serpens00:14, January 22, 2012Razldazlchick
360 looking for Vladov Stalker00:12, January 22, 2012Razldazlchick
Does anyone have a pearl troll?06:47, January 12, 2012Abzapp
LF x4 Acid Sniper lvl 4020:31, January 9, 2012Daemmerung
Shock trooper mod07:27, January 8, 2012Razldazlchick
I need: bessie/iron redemption/ aries07:27, January 8, 2012Razldazlchick
(360) Seeking Pestilent Stinger02:18, September 27, 2011Veggienater
Haves and wants. Mostly unmodded.01:15, September 21, 201171.232.78.34
(360) looking for a Jakobs Bessie.18:39, September 10, 20110range1soda
(360) Atlas Chimera and Other Revolvers.15:49, September 8, 2011209.6.162.130
Looking for an atlas Chimera15:48, September 8, 2011209.6.162.130
Looking for Orange Incendiary Rhino, High damage Maliwan Crux and a High damage electric shotgun.15:34, September 8, 2011209.6.162.130
Looking for a high level aries i have a few pearls to trade22:15, September 7, 2011Fryguy42
Looking for an ATLAS Chimera22:14, September 7, 2011Fryguy42
Darth Lime's Shopping List22:14, September 7, 2011Fryguy42
Gun Giveaway22:13, September 7, 2011Fryguy42
Looking for Aries revolver21:27, September 7, 201171.232.78.34
360 Looking for a high quality Ajax Ogre21:24, September 7, 201171.232.78.34
Looking for good snipes 36021:22, September 7, 201171.232.78.34
Looking for a aries21:18, September 7, 201171.232.78.34
Looking for an Aries Revolver21:16, September 7, 201171.232.78.34
360 You want it I got it.(Probobly)21:12, September 7, 201171.232.78.34