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i have a problem....i installed Borderlands on my mac, i have also all the dlc but i don'understand how install them...i finished the game with roland and i'm level 37 and now i would like to play also the dlc someone can help me?thanks...... —Preceding unsigned comment added by Zioceccone (talkcontribs) Dämmerung 16:57, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

i'm sorry but don't resolve my problem....i already read this post....:( —Preceding unsigned comment added by Zioceccone (talkcontribs)

You should try the Gearbox support forums, then. While I don't know anybody here who plays games on their Mac, I have seen Mac issues arise there. Good luck. Dämmerung 17:22, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

I have resolved the problem so i write the steps...

1. Go to /Applications/Borderlands and mount BorderlandsData.dmg

2. Open up Disk Utility

3. Right click on the BorderlandsData.dmg file in the left column and select convert

4. Select read/write and save to desktop

5. Once that is done unmount the Borderlands.dmg that was opened from /Applications/Borderlands

6. Go to /Applications/Borderlands and mount BorderlandsAdd-On.dmg

7. Go to /Desktop and mount the newly created read/write BorderlandsData.dmg

8. Go to /Volumes/BorderlandsData/WillowGame/CookedPC/

9. Make a folder called "DLC" in /Volumes/BorderlandsData/Data/WillowGame/CookedPC/

10. Go to /Volumes/BorderlandsAdd-On/Data and copy all 4 DLC folders into /Volumes/BorderlandsData/Data/WillowGame/CookedPC/DLC

11. Unmount all Borderlands images from desktop and backup/remove BorderlandsData.dmg + BorderlandsAdd-On.dmg from /Applications/Borderlands

12. Move /Desktop/BorderlandsData.dmg into /Applications/Borderlands

13. Run Game

14. You will notice a series of "Ambiguous Package Name" errors related to DLC3. This is due to the fact that there is 2 sets of similar .upk files referencing to this DLC in the dmg image. Pay attention to which files they reference to. Press Ok to ignore.

15. When the game is loading up you will be prompted about the DLC activation. Press Ok for each prompt. Test out the game and the DLC by using a teleporter and see if the DLC areas show up.

16. If the DLC content works, you can now remove the conflicting files that point to /Volumes/BorderlandsData/Data/WillowGame/CookedPC/Patch. They should be:






17. Run game again to see if it loads properly.