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Ok guys BL2 has fianally broken me. im bascailly looking for legendarys (not all), loaded up splitscreen as well both with relics for better odds and getting squat. basically either looking for a freebe infiniti pistol or some help to get one. i know the odds etc but my ocd is kicking in to get this done and after agez its demoralizing to a point of just giving up on bl2 alltogether, i know its ment to be rare but this is ubsurd. soo anyone up for it give us a shout my xbox tag is Sky b0y

dont mind if its just to borrow, just need it to test the challange the i can return so i can get my own as thatd beawsome

Back story. basically the reason for the rush for a legendary is bcuz ive recently learnt of the missable challanges being 2 of them. and im ok for the defend the turrets but the complessionist is worrying me. i destroyed the first playthrough and theres just no way i missed more than like 4 or 5 but ive been slightly careless i guess on the second but not enough to have missed 3 or 4 but im getting to that struggle point in the game and my guns suck ass and im getting impatiant throwing this much time in if ive already fudged it. so itd really like a legendary so i can blast the rest of the game so i can see if ive messed up my complessionist challange or not.

Thanks everyone