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If you are intrested in level 50 infinities and other legendaries such as The Bee,Confricence Calls and Norfleets Contact me over xbox live to dupelicate these weapons (Process fo duplicating weapons explainded in next paragraph)  at GT:SnappleApple45 and also you can contact my friends GT:FH Tominater and GT:JubJub632 also if not online contact me over gmail at

Process for duplicating weapons: 1st process : In order to duplicate a weapon you need to be in someone  elses game or lobby then once in the game just drop the gun you want to duplicate and next press the xbox weapon  then press Y to dashboard but make sure after you drop the weapons that it does not ave and if it does just pick up the weapons save and quit join and do the same process. 

2nd process (The more perferred process) : In this process you can be in anyones game first you want to send the person you want to dupe the weapon to a trade invite (To do this you aim at someone and hold B) then you want to put the weapon you want to duplicate in the slot then select the dueling option then what you want to do is drop the weapon on the floor (Keep in mind if the options blocked put the weapon in your inventory then equip it to drop it) after this kill the other person and let them pick up the weapon and you should both have it.

P.S If anything needs to be corrected just send me a message over email