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I know Gearbox is planning on releasing a fourth DLC pack (or so it says on wikipeida). But honestly, all the idea's that i've seen floating around with the Eridian history seem too big for a DLC. Honestly, a BL 2 should encompass the Pandorian winter considering it just ended and BL 1 is based in the summer. I don't know...winter and eridians, should be a fun bouncing off point...what do you think?IbanezRokr 16:37, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

I'm honestly skeptical about the DLC4 ever coming out. We'll see. But as to BL2, I thik the idea of a Pandoran winter would be pretty cool. It would make it easier for them to include the much requested "frost" element that everyone is bugging about. I envision it working much like Liliths daze skill where enemies are slowed for a couple seconds, plus some additional damage if they try to move while "frosty". But yeah, I'd go for a winter setting. Would be cool to see what kind of bizarre vehicles they come up with, maybe something like s Sno-Cat with boost would be cool. All those watery areas could become icy, making driving a wheeled vehicle difficult.Gamedoctor21 16:53, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

i think a new class that is more of mage. skilltrees would be 1:elemental(i know the siren has it). 2:magic 3: Striker (which will boost the melee to be more usefull. action skill would be that it shoot out beams of elements from hands.

I think one of the vehicles could be a out runner but without wheels but tank chains (like the one in the screenshot on the vehicles-page) Karamos 18:06, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

And the lancer has to be 1 of the lamest 4 person car ideas ever, I guess it was kinda to late to dodge it when they released it but still, I think its garbage, I would much rather drive around in 1 of the outrunners that AI uses near Lucky's Hole, something like 4 people in the 1 car, but the passengers could hang off the side and use their own weaponry, or a place for some1 to go and use there own rocket, something like that would be sick TreeJs 18:09, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

TreeJs, I had an idea that was somewhat similar to that. It would a four seat runner, there would be two seats in front and two in back, facing out behind the vehicle. The runner wouldnt have a turret like most, so instead the driver could control a swivel machinegun mounted up-front and the three passengers could use their weapons to shot at enemies. There could also be several achiements for this, like while playing as Mordicai (or a character like him, if they make new characters) you have to shipe 5 enemies in this runner while in motion, or as the Birck character, you have to blow up three runners with a rocket launcher while in motion. It also wouldnt have the same boost ability as the outrunner, but it would have heavier armor instead. Lone-Wanderer 19:07, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

I smell prequel set 200 years in the past when people where first moving onto pandora, the first real discovery of the vault since the eridians, the companys starting out and trying to be the main company of the planet wich is still being fought over, and the seting up of the guardian angel. so this would mean different companies that didn't make it for long , new creatures possibly beacuse eather season change (wich might take a long time on pandora) or dammage to the enviroment by these compnies, new areas beacues of setling (these could be places that succeded or fail hey if were lucky we might be able to go to sanctuary when it was being started), fight the destroyer the have to set up the gaurdian angel so it can find those who can stop the destroyer oh and make a copy if the satelite gets dammaged. ps sorry for any spelling mistakes Aren01 01:25, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

Thats an awesome idea. Id also like to see more civilization and less desert wastelands. You could be like an assasin hired by the native pandorians to take out the cooperation. Interplanatary ninja assasin 16:27, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

first, isn't the eridian prometory the winter eridian place? Secondly, the only thing borderlands really needs is AI controlled allies that fought with you. The driving is one of the only things that can still remain mod free on consoles and letting players use weapons, especially modded rocketlaunchers and stock guns would be so unfair. i do wish they added a no shields buy new weapons nazi zombies mode. might be fun. lastly, more randomization for the wastelands similar to the random events, npcs as Fallout3 ShadyCake 17:00, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

Honestly, I found the Eridian Promentary to be just ok, not real great. The aliens aren't all that fun to fight and I would much rather see another DLC like Dr. Ned. Dr. Ned's Island was very orginal and had a pretty quirky and entertaining story to it. The only problem was the lack of good drops, I didn't find jackcrap on that Island. If DLC4 was another crazy story except with new awesome drops, then that'd be perfect in my book. GruntMastaFlash 18:02, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

As far as importing BL1 chars into BL2 goes, I hope they realese a final DLC for BL1 that free and just gives you a lvl 70 cap and an additional playthrough or something like that, and then make the BL2 import require lvl 70 - then they can just scale the numbers up (provided the systems can handle that) and you could have your 1000+ damage guns and your sweet 5 quality class mods right off the bat. I mean, they'd have to expand the skill tree, maybe add an alternate action skill or boost the skill point cap past 5, and obviously the guns would need to have the potential to get way more powerful, but it would be really sweet, and if they do include a weapons mod bench like KOTOR where we can take our guns apart and reassemble them in different combinations, it would really reduce the allure of save modding - why risk your file when you can mod up the guns you want in-game? So in short - I think BL2 lvl 1 should = BL1 lvl 70, and a weapon bench would be amazing. Oh, and I agree - we need a 4 man tank, but I kinda want to hang off the side of an outrider like a bandit.. Motorcycle/hovercycle would be nice as an action skill "summon" kinda like Roland's Scorpio.. WhackyGordon 19:23, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

WhackyGordon is an idiot! The weapon workbench will never work people, just drop the idea. It's the same as modding, you want a weapon workbench download willowtree it's free!

Hey now - it worked okay for me in KOTOR - and as awesome as WillowTree is, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the intention of the developers (of Borderlands) to let us pick any parts we want and make uber guns. If they incorporated this fan developed feature, they could make it a little harder to accumulate the parts you need, and there would be some replay value as far as weapons go other than farming craw indefinitely. Because seriously - as Roland I've only ever found one decent orange gun alone, and the rest have all been during multiplayer with a Siren or a Hunter. I mean sure the random weapon drops are neato - when you get a pearl or something - but I mean c'mon - I've killed craw at least a good 20 times, farmed the Armoury plenty, and spend more time than is healthy for anybody - even Scooter - in New Haven. Maybe if the boss drops didn't suck so incredibly hard, maybe it wouldn't be an issue, but they do. The long and the short of it is I use WillowTree. And plenty of people bash it on here. Everybody's entitled to their opinion, but I see modding as a response to a defecit in the game's format. I never felt the need to mod KOTOR. Just found the best lightsaber crystals I could and started playing with combinations. Borderlands, on the other hand.. Well, I started as Roland, but the first good gun I found was a repeater. So now I have a 50 in pistol proficiency, and the best legit combat rifle I've found so far is a yellow Ogre, level 40. In order to train my combat rifle prof. I pretty much had to go mod (or try to find a trade online, I suppose) a cr that could actually kill something. A workbench would let me rip apart a few mediocre rifles and maybe get a decent barrel onto that Ogre. I mean, another alternative would be an official online gun trade mechanism in the game, but the long and the short of it is decent guns shouldn't be impossible to find (for a level 61...I mean, c'mon...)

And btw, I'm not an idiot. You just don't like my idea. Be nice. WhackyGordon 20:32, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

The weapon bench idea would be cool, but I think it would ruin the point of having the awesome random weapon generator. The idea of being able to import a character into BL2 would be pretty awesome, but I think that would limit BL2 to having to use the same characters. Personally, I would like new characters in the next game so that I could have two awesome games with different stories. Now on the topic of Willowtree over the work bench, the anon who posted is wrong (BTW nice way to post without a sig slick). Some of us would like to build and customize weapons WITHOUT having use a PC or willowtree, so that could be neat. In my opinion Gearbox should open up things a bit and make the next game very open. Some people would play to find cool weapons, while others may utilize a work bench. That would also fix a lot of the "oh hey look at my shredder shredder I found on craw" problems. Just my 2 cents. GruntMastaFlash 22:58, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

You've got a point, but I figure if they flesh out the available parts in each category by a couple, any specific dream gun would be pretty much unobtainable without a weapon bench. I mean, I farmed for eons looking for a good Unforgiven and an Incendiary Anaconda with decent damage. If they add more guns and parts (which I hope they would, I mean how could they not?) it would drastically jack the statistical crap potential. They could make the Team Find Rare Items a little more effective, but then it's a choice between making a bland generic one for all characters or stiffing Roland and Brick again. As far as characters go, personally I'd like to see a little more storyline for each of them. Maybe character specific quest-lines or something. As much as a couple new faces wouldn't hurt, you know any Mords that want to see hunter disappear? lol I mean, maybe they'd be happy with a new trespass/sniper character, but it seems redundant to bring out a diff hunter. Then again, you could just bring out new characters of each class and let Mordica, Rolanda, Leon and Becky take over than franchise lol (random names, not a ref to anything). I'm not opposed to new classes - but I like the ones we've got so far. I'd prefer if they just added some. And they could probably rig it to import cross-class. I mean, reset the skill points and change the body on the class mods to the new class, and everything else is fairly transposable. Same as if I wanted to switch classes right now - I'd get two controllers and shunt my guns, shield, grenade mod etc. with a mule. Just the stat points/weap prof. wouldn't come across. Oh, and elemental artifact upgrades..
And yeah, regardless of whether they introduce a weapon bench or not, they really need to put a line of code in that checks for weapon parts in the wrong place, and too many blank spots - between "Shredder Shredders" and "Stock Combat Shotguns" these glitchy over-modded monsters are really taking the zazz out of my Unforgiven.. The only weird mod thing like that I hope they don't patch is the capacity to screw around with the names on some of the modded guns. There just aren't enough prefixes for the Bitch.. WhackyGordon 23:24, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

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