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Zer0 is a badass, no one can say otherwise. I'm a viking. I am badass. I've got no guns. Because, limiting yourself to one step below, and beating all who oppose, is awesome. So here is a fun little challenge for you guys.

This is the build and equipment


Start at bloodshed then onto cunning

Relic: Bone of the ancients/Proficiency relic is used until that BotA is found

Gun: None you badass, pussies use guns. Badass samurai Vikings, use melee/unarmed.

Class mod: Any ninja

shield: Any maylay until hide of terra

Grenade: I use the contra rand sky rocket ONLY for celebrations. Ie: BRO! Terramorphous is dead, I killed him with melee! Use the fireworks!

The rules: Only one gun. For the coward who likes to quit, it's temptation, to the man who sticks to it, it's a space-waisted.

No console commands

No save edit

Deviation from my skill tree is allowed

There. Who has any suggestions?

Assassin N+ (talk) 09:00, December 19, 2013 (UTC)