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Like with the first game, I studied the component charts, prefix tables, title tables, and material parts and learned what went where and what parts gave what bonuses to generated wepaons. All of this was further enhanced in the early days of the first game, when you were able to mod whatever the hell you wanted. But I did all of this to merely learn about the weapon mechanics.

Now there is currently no way to mod (not that I know of) on PS3, so im trying to rely on the Wiki to help me learn the gun components for Borderlands 2, so I can once again learn what parts give what bonuses, but most of all, I would just like to know what each part looks like, specifically. But there arent any current charts for 2 besides an Assult Rifle chart made up. More specifically, im talking about this page here

Now, id love to be able to help make these, but im only a mere console player. Will the citizens of this Wiki be adding charts any time soon?

One random guy (talk) 12:04, November 25, 2012 (UTC)