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Out of class mods

I've picked up so many of these things from Pete I'm tired of holding on to them. I have ten of them to give away, all lv. 50.

I'm not looking to trade for anything since I like to search for things on my own. But if a person insists on trading then I could be interested in a different version of a item that I already have. I will let you know what I have/don't have if it comes to this.

My PSN ID is Mitsurules and I live in the Central Time Zone. Where I live it is currently 2:23 PM. Just shoot me a friend request if you're interested.

See you guys soon! :)

EDIT: Just gave away the last class mod. Mitsurules (talk) 17:30, January 1, 2013 (UTC)


I would be very interested in a better Legendary Soldier Class mod, since I have only ever found one. I would love to see if there any that may be better than the one I currently have. I have sent you an invite on PSN. My PSN ID is Quietman297.