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I'm curious of what the exact base zoom for every type of weapon is in Borderlands 1. I have been told by a friend that he once found the base zoom of a sniper rifle; he said it was 3-something times zoom. Unfortunately, neither of us were able to find it at a later point for any sort of reference.

A sniper rifle with a 1.0x zoom on it's weapons card can see further than a pistol (with scope of course) with 1.0x zoom. You can tell simply by looking through them on your game. Though the page Zoom on the wiki says that a sniper rifle has an increased base zoom, and that SMGs has the least zoom while aiming down the sights, there is no defined multiplier.

We're assuming the weapons all use a scope and that they use the same scope part for the gun. There is the possibility that different manufacturers MAY increase zoom capability, so let's say for the comparisons that all guns are made from the same manufacturer. Let's also ignore any perks, class mods, etc. that increase zoom capability. Also, how is the zoom measured? Render distance? In-game meters? Field of view decrease?

I the Zoom article, the zoom is measured as FOV ratio. 85.0° is the default "No Zoom". If a scope gives you an FOV of 42.5, then that's a 2× zoom. It's as good a metric as another.
As the article states, a Sniper Rifle's base FOV is 36°, which should give you the same as a 2.36× zoom. If you are wondering what that would mean on a weapon card. Well... a 1.0x zoom! Since it's base zoom. happypal (talk • contribs) 07:55, February 27, 2013 (UTC)
      Ahh, okay. Thank you very much.