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Eridian ironclad

This posibley Hax Based sheild is one that people need to know about.The Eridian Warrior Ironclad dose not act like any normal sheild, The first sign of this is the fact that it dose not live side-by-side with the rest of your shields, it takes place below all your other loot.


Capacity: 214748 (note that this is what it says on the shield when it is in the inventory, but could be off by a bit, On screen the Capacity reads 2147483647- Then runs out of room for the rest of this crazy long number)

Recharge Delay: 9 (Yet agen i would be suprised if this is correct, the sheild will take large amounts of damage befor showing any signs of failling- This has been put to the test time and time agen, Well faceing Bone head and 6-ish goons on Playthrough 2, The shield did not brack, stop to recharge or let health be afected in any way. The gessed Recharge on this item is 999999 Give-or-Take)

Eridien Wrrior ironclad

Apperence: So the strange thing about this item is the fact that it dose not show up under a shield, or with the image of a shield, it will apper as what ever you last examend in your inventory, as shown in this picture that it is a Healing KIt, but in the one above it is a Pistol.

Vellue: The selling cost of this gun is Set at 9999999. (personaly i stumbled apon this sheild by pure accident. When taking my game on line for the first time i found my self in a lobby with 3 others, one was jumping agenst a wall, the other was droping Alot of loot. So i asked if i was aloud to take some, all the unknowen Player said was "Go Hard!" and left the lobby, so i picked up as much of the strange yellow grade loot as i could, On later inspection i realised that i now had 20ish Eridian Warrior Ironclad's.)

Use of The Eridian Wrrior Ironclad

At this point i dont have any fotage of the seild in use, but do have pictures of me wearing it t



Sorry about the bad photo, it is the best i can get at this point.

sorry to tell you this but it's a poorly made modded shield you can't die due to enemies but if some "dickhead" joins and wants to equip a death mod or a bleeder your screwed aka it will not protect you from the effect of the class mod when the grim reaper pulls your number there is no way out 22:00, April 14, 2013 (UTC)