Employee 451 is a potential DLC Digistruct class character in Borderlands 2.


Tediore deals in Digistruct guns, but not many people know they have Digistruct employees. That's right! To limit overhead, the Tediore corporation employs digital clones based on the company founder, Fiere Tediore. Fiere didn't fret when Hyperion overtook Pandora; since Handsome Jack paid his employees very little, the only guns they could afford were Tediore. If anything, Jack was improving Tediore's business. It was when a Hyperion spy broke into Tediore's research offices that Fiere decided to take action: Handsome Jack wanted to know how Tediore implemented the Digistruct technology into their weaponry. Fiere saw two possibilities: 1-Handsome Jack would either corner the market on affordable, quality firearms and force Tediore out of business, or 2-Mass produce guns at next to no cost and sell them at the same price as his normally manufactured weapons, the influx of pure profit making Hyperion the next Atlas. Fiere outfitted several of his Digistruct employees with Tediore weaponry and sent them out to crush Hyperion at all costs. Employee 451 is just one of those employees, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the continued existence of Tediore.

Action Skill

Black Friday

When Black Friday is activated, all enemies stop firing and start running towards Employee 451, similar to a taunt ability. In exchange for everyone rushing the character, 451's guns are attached to an auto-reloader that slowly refills the magazine, and also regenerates ammo.

Skill Trees

Tediore Loyalty

Skill Tier Levels Effect
25% More Free! 1 5 +5% Magazine Size per level for Tediore guns.
Clearance Sale 1 5 +5% Fire Rate per level for Tediore guns.
Surprise Inside! 2 5 When you pick up a Tediore Gun, there is a 5% chance per level that the gun will add to your ammo.
As Seen on TV 2 5 +4% Weapon Zoom for each level on Tediore guns.
Ergonomic Design 3 5 The longer you wield a particular type of Tediore gun, the greater gun damage bonus you receive, up to +6% gun damage per level. Switching gun types (pistol to smg) resets the damage bonus.
We Can't Do This All Day 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. If you run out of ammo, you can still throw Tediore guns as small grenades.
Limited Time Offer 3 5 Kill Skill. Whenever the player kills an enemy with a Tediore gun, that gun regenerates ammo for a few seconds, and the player regenerates health for a few seconds.
Rewards Program 4 1 Increase rarity of all Tediore guns found.
Upsize your Order 4 5 +5% Reload Explosion Radius and Damage per level with Tediore guns.
Two for the Price of One 5 5 When reloading a Tediore gun, there is a 20% chance, per level, that the thrown gun will split into two and both will explode.
Moneyback Guarantee 6 1 Major Gamechanger. Whenever a Tediore gun is reloaded, you don't lose the ammo still in the magazine, with no penalties to the power of the explosion.


This tree is all about consuming resources, from ammo, grenades, to firing rounds and using action skills.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 1 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
 ??? 2 5  ???
Bulk Buy 3 5 All ammo pickups have their amounts increased by 20% per level.
Shopping Spree 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. Whenever you pick up ammo, Black Friday's duration is increased by 2 seconds.
Recycling 3 5 When you throw a grenade, there is a 5% chance per level that the grenade will explode into ammo.
Back Order 4 5 Enemies have a +5% chance per level to drop the type of ammo you have the least of.
One at a Time, Please 4 1 During Black Friday, you can press the action skill button to release a small Exposive Nova that pushes enemies back. This Nova consumes one grenade and the radius of the blast is proportionate to the number of grenades you have left.
Working Overtime 4 5 For every second you spend in Black Friday over the default duration, there is a +1% chance per level that, when Black Friday ends, you will be rewarded with either money, grenades, or ammo.
 ??? 5 5  ???
More BANG for Your Buck 6 1 Major Gamechanger. All guns generate a Digistruct bullet in tandem to the original bullet that does full damage. Shotguns will double the pellet count, but the damage on the secondary pellets is 1/4 of the original. Doesn't apply to rocket launchers.


Skill Tier Levels Effect
Work It 1 5 +8% weapon swap speed per level.
Harder 1 5 Whenever you take bullet damage, you gain +1% damage reduction per level for a few seconds.
Make It 2 5 +1% faster ammo regen during Black Friday per level.
Better 2 5 +1% Gun Damage, Maximum Health, and damage reduction per level.
Do It 3 5 +5% Black Friday cooldown rate per level.
Faster 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. While you or an ally is below 25% health, your movement speed increases by 50%.
Makes Us Stronger 3 5 You and all allies get +1% combat XP per level.
More Than Ever 4 5 Whenever you reload a gun while Black Friday is active, you gain +5% gun damage, critical hit damage, and fire rate per level. Bonuses are lost when Black Friday ends.
Hour After 4 5  ???
Our Work 5 5 You and all allies gain +.3% Health regen, +1% Shield Recharge Speed, and -1% Shield Recharge Delay per level.
Never Over 6 1 Major Gamechanger. Whenever you kill an enemy, you and all allies with active Action Skills get 3 seconds added to the duration, and you and all allies with Action Skill in cooldown get 2 seconds taken off the cooldown.
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