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Hello there! I'm brand new to the whole wiki thing, but I'd found a few Flakker variants that weren't on here and thought I'd add them, but the grid/box looks a tad more complicated than I'd expected >.< Would anyone be willing to explain how I'd go about adding to it?

For editing variant charts, I use Classic rich text editor. I find it easier to work with this. You can set it in your Preferences.
For the actual edit, find where your new variant would be added. Then copy code from another entry, paste it where it belongs, and edit it as needed. Make sure you copy everything from the double left brace to the double right brace, and don't leave any line space before or after your entry.
For the photo, after you Upload it you'll be presented with another pop-up screen. Be sure to click More Options and set Licensing to Screenshot. I don't think you need to mess around with anything else, but to be safe under Alignment I use left-justify. Now click on Add Photo and delete everything else about the newly-created code for your image except for the name of the image (it should be "name.jpg", for example). You can look to other entries for how it's done.
Before publishing your edit, be sure to add an Edit summary and Preview the page. If everything looks good you can publish. Before you leave FANDOM, find your image from your profile page under Contributions. You must categorize your image! Find it and Add Category "Images of weapons."
Oh, and always end any forum post with your signature so we know who's writing ;) JumpingBamboo (talk) 08:11, June 16, 2019 (UTC)
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