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Edgar is a potential DLC Sportsman class character in Borderlands 2.


Edgar is a retired Jakobs weapon tester who lives in the swamps outside Jakobs Cove, recently cleared out of the undead. He now spends his remaining days hunting Rakk and Badass Skags to put on his wall. One day, Edgar is roused from his sleep by the sound of trees coming down all around his cabin. He went outside to investigate and found that it was not people cutting down the forest, but Hyperion Loaders. His outdated Jakobs guns barely make dents in the armored Loaders, and he was forced to leave Jakobs Cove with only his guns, his pajamas, and his loyal hunting hound, Skagworthington. He visits Jakobs headquarters near Sanctuary and explains the situation, but Jakobs informs him they can spare no agents to combat the Loaders at this time, due to labor disputes on Promethia, but will gladly arm anyone who would like to combat Hyperion and their Loaders. Edgar sighs and, reluctantly, comes out of retirement to "test" Jakobs' updated weaponry against the Loaders and someday, mount one of those mechanical bastards on his wall.

Action Skill


Edgar summons out his hunting hound, Skagworthington. His hound seeks out enemies, driving them out from behind cover and corralling them towards his master.

Skill Trees

Jakobs Loyalty

Loyal to Jakobs, Edgar knows his way around his employer's guns. This tree increases the power, accuracy, and reload speed of Jakobs guns. This tree also features a skill that reduces the magazine size of all Jakobs guns to 1, but grants IMMENSE bonuses to their other stats.

Hunt Master

The Hunt Master skill tree increases Edgar's prowess with a gun and decreases the survivability of anything he sees in his scope. Edgar can increase his movement speed when his target is below a certain health percentage, deal extra damage to an enemy shooting directly at him, and even deal increasing damage when he kills several enemies of the same type in quick succession.


This tree is dedicated to improving Skagworthington and his prowess during the hunt. Edgar can train his hound to move faster, respond to calls and cues from his master, and even retrieve ammo and loot.

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