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Duke Nukem
Gender Balls of steel
Race Human
Appearances Duke Nukem Franchise

Why make a shot at Duke Nukem being a class in Borderlands? WHY THE HELL NOT?!

Background and appearance

See link:

Action Skill

Nuke 'em!

Duke fires a huge nuke warhead at the enemies for MASSIVE damage.

Nuke radius: 1500

Nuke damage: 5000 x character level

Cooldown rate: 35 seconds

Skill trees

Missile King

Wanna be the biggest badass around? Invest into this tree and show why Duke is the biggest badass of any side of the universe! The one with the huge freaking rocket launcher! Mister Torgue would be so proud!

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Ass kicking boots 1 5 +20% melee damage and melee knock back power per level.
Speed training 1 5 +10% reload speed and movement speed per level.
Smoking Missiles 1 5 Enemies killed with rockets have a +15% per level to drop rocket ammo.
Bada-boom 2 5 +20% explosive damage per level
Scoped glasses 2 5 +15% accuracy per level
Missiles are your friends 2 5 Your rockets deal +10% damage to enemies and -20% damage to you per level.
Room Kaboom 3 5 Increases the radius of rocket explosions by 100 radius per level.
Time to kick ass 3 1 After using Nuke 'em, you gain +100% movement speed during cooldown.
Jam packed 3 5 Increases rocket weapons mag size by 10% per level.
Pawn em all 4 5 Increases damage for Nuke 'em by 500 per level. ({5000 + skill} x character level)
Explosions?! 4 5 Killing enemies with Rocket weapons or Nuke 'em adds stacks of this skill to boost damage by 10% per kill. Stacks go away if you haven't killed something in awhile, like 15 seconds of not killing. Max stacks +5 per level.
Badass rocketeer 5 5 Increased reload speed and fire rate for rocket weapons by 5% per level.
Quicker Boom 5 1 Increases projectile speed of rockets by 125%
You can run... 6 1 Increases the radius of Nuke 'em by 750 and leaves enemies slagged afterwards.

Big Freaking Guns

Want to make swiss cheese of your enemies? Then perhaps then next one into ground beef? And all on a bun? ... Ok maybe not canibalism but more badassery into gun stuff to such a point where you'll have them begging for mercy.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Bigger Caliber 1 5 Increases Gun damage by 10% per level.
Steady grip 1 5 Decreases recoil for guns by 10% per level.
Packed Mag 1 5 Increases mag size for guns by 10% per level.
One is for fighting 2 5 Boosts assault rifle damage by 5% per level.
One is for fun 2 5 Boosts SMG damage by 5% per level.
This is my boomstick! 2 5 Boosts Shotgun damage by 5% per level.
Buckshot scattershot 3 5 Shotguns have +2 pellets shot per level.
Hail to the King baby 3 1 You gain +10% gun damage for each enemy hit by Nuke 'em during cooldown.
Gun expert 3 5 +15% gun accuracy, reload speed, and aim steadiness per level
Don't need no elements. 4 5 +10% damage for non-elemental guns per level
Crit-betty 4 5 +5% chance your bullets will explode into a bouncing betty bullet storm when hitting enemy critical spots.
Death shot 5 5 +35% critical hit damage per level.
Snipe 'em 5 5 +40% damage for sniper rifles per level.
Say hello to my little friend! 6 1 Turns normal assault rifle rounds into exploding rocket rounds that fly twice as fast at no extra cost to you!

Almost God mode

With all the regen/shield/health skills in this tree, you'll almost be god! Almost...

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Not even a scratch 1 5 +20% shield capacity per level.
Super healthy 1 5 +20% max health per level.
Natural healer 1 5 +.5% health regen per level.
It never ran out 2 5 +10% shield recharge rate and -10% shield recharge delay.
shrug it off 2 5 -15% element effect duration and damage on Duke.
I don't wait on shields 2 5 Kill skill: Recharges 6% of your shields per level each second.
Unstoppable 3 5 +5% damage reduction per level.
Nuclear Siesta 3 1 +2.5% health regen for Duke for each enemy hit by Nuke 'em during cooldown.
Now you've done it 3 5 Gives up to +10% Gun, grenade, and melee damage per level depending on how low your shields are.
Triumphant God 4 5 Shooting enemies gives you +2.0% health regen per level for a short time.
Shield Zerker 4 5 All shields now add +100% melee damage per level when depleted
Over the limit 5 1 Boosts your max health and shield capacity by +20% of each other player's max health and shield capacity.
TANK! 5 5 Boost shield recharge rate by 15% per level and health regen by 7.5% per level.
Balls of steel 6 1 Grants and extra 25% damage reduction and 10% of all damage you do heals you.

Above Idea concept by MythicShadows (talk) 05:31, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

All rights to Duke Nukem franchise belong to it's respective copyright owner.

What do you think?

A bit Overpowered. Classes usually upgrade certain stats, such as Krieg's melee. In my opinion, Mr. Nukem should be a specialist in explosives and fire rate ONLY. -epicpoke

I think Missile King fits very nicely, but the others seem...more shoved on him.  But then again, with the way he acts in games, it would be very hard to NOT copy anyone else.  From what I am maybe he could bend certain weapons in his favor instead of just having to rely on a certain type.  From this, I mean that he might have an ability that makes all elemental weapons deal bonus explosive damage, or just have a blast radius.  Maybe make it so Non-elemental weapons are ALWAYS explosive.  Or, better yet, why not have Duke shoot grenades from all his guns, and all the grenades are modified by his equipped grenade mod?  Plus, Knockback should be necessary for him.  Why not punch someone so hard they fly out of map and die?  And the only enemies immune to this should be the ones rooted to the ground (Constructers, Threshers etc.)  He should focus on Explosive Damage, Knockback, and tanking.  And I mean tanking.  Better then most classes. 

Here is MY Skill Tree idea...: Knockout Punch

Skill Tier Levels Effect
What is aiming? 1 1 Duke Nukem can no longer aim; instead, the aim button/key is altered into the 'action' button.
WATATATATATATATATATA! 1 4 While the 'action' button is held and the melee button/key is pressed, he will raise his fists and begin bombarding anyone within melee range with a blinding, American flurry of fists.  Melee Speed +200%, Melee damage +5% and Melee Knockback +50% per skill level.
Unbreakable Fists 2 5 When holding the action button and the fire key/button, Duke will hold both of his fists in front of his face and block all incoming strikes, shots and status effects for a short time.  +1.2 seconds per level, 3% net Resistance per level.
Hit the Floor 2 5 When in the air, pressing the action button will make Duke careen right into the ground, causing a massive shockwave.  Height equals a bigger radius.  +250 blast radius per level
Home Run! 3 5 When the action button and the Action Skill button are BOTH pressed at the same time, Duke will slug whoever is in front of him so hard that they are launched.  +500% Knockback per level.
I am Rubber... 3 1 While Unbreakable Fists are active, Duke will reflect every shot back towards the enemy.  +30% net resistance.
The TRUE Legend Lives! 3 5

Sledge's Shotgun is insanely improved.

  • +20% Reload Speed per level
  • Mags are set to 2 shells
  • Shots now use 1 ammo
  • +2,500% Knockback per level
Flak Gearbox 4 5

Flakker recieves the same bonuses as "The TRUE Legend Lives!", along with additionals:

  • +90 Blast Radius per level
  • +50% Fire Rate per level
And the crowd goes Wild! 5 5 Upon throwing someone into a death zone, Duke will regain 10% of the health AND shields of the enemy he killed.  +10% Health and Shields from enemies per level.
American Badass Parry Dog 6 1 If a block is timed perfectly, Duke will instead parry the foe that hit him first.  He will become completely invulnerable for a few seconds and throw a brutal punch right into his target.  If the enemy shot him, Duke will teleport right in front of the target and then slug him.

Varesse, Ultimate Gunzerker (talk) 21:11, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

That's okay, but think again. If the final skill in Big Freaking Guns turns all assault rifle ammo into rockets, that would mean all assault rifles get the rocket bonuses in the Missile King Tree. Meaning up to 500 explosion radius on all rifle shots. So it's still works. --MythicShadows (talk) 07:02, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

That can be incredibly OP.  I mean, think about the CHOPPER.  Yeah, it would eat more ammo than a fat guy in a McDonalds All You Can Eat Buffet, but then again most enemies would fall way too easy.  It would be a more ammo costly Orge (as compared from the first game).  What about the Kitten?  Sherdifier?  The only good side effect in nerfing is that they couldn't score crits.  But even then, most enemies would fall by then.  If anything...I think it would be better if there was a chance of it shooting rockets, instead of just, having all shots be rockets.  And Torgue ARs don't shoot rockets...but just get an explosion radius bonus at a chance double that of having other ARs shoot rockets.

Varesse, Ultimate Gunzerker (talk) 23:47, January 27, 2014 (UTC)

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