From a young age Mercury was interested in magic. Having followed his life long dream of wanting to be like them, he tried and tried, but never made it, working under the name "Mercurato". After multiple failed attempts at trying to be big, he realized what he could do to make his act unique: incorporate magic.

For a while, he was the star. Booked everywhere for entertainment, new tricks every time, amazing the crowd. But all good things must come to an end. After losing everything he had, he resorted to gambling and drinking heavily, until one day he heard a broadcast of how finding Pandora's Vault would bring fame and fortune to he who finds it. He set out to do whatever he could to regain the lost fame.

Action Skill

"Now you see me"

For a short amount of time, Mercurato is able to teleport short distances thanks to longbow technology implemented in his hat


"Where did it go?"

Melee Override Skill: Send an explosive pigeon under your sleeve in a straight line; Cooldown: 65 Seconds

"What's this behind your ear?"

Getting a critical kill on an enemy drops a small amount of money.

"Hokus Pokus!"

Aiming down sight for 10 seconds and killing an enemy drops explosive playing cards. Shooting before then deactivates the count.

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