Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Borderlands 2 DLC Character


Hunter was an infamous gambler who went anywhere there was money. His real name is unknown but it is known that he changed his name to Hunter as a way to tell those hunting him that he was the hunter, not the hunted. Relying only on himself for anything he created a special device that creates holographic images of himself that he uses either to protect himself, attack enemies, or make his enemies kill each other. Hunter went to Pandora because of an encounter he had with Handsome Jack. Handsome Jack had heard about this infamous gambler that no one could kill and decided that he would (To increase his fame) be the one to do it. So Jack invited Hunter to a game of blackjack. When Hunter appeared, Jack had his Loaders try to kill him but was unable to. After that, Hunter went from planet to planet evading Jack and Hyperion. Eventually Hunter had enough and went to Pandora to show why he was the Hunter and not the hunted.

Action Skill



Log 1

Handsome Jack: You must be a complete dumbass if you think you can beat me at blackjack. Hell, it has my name in it!

Hunter: Hit me.

Handsome Jack: You're showing 19 now. I bet that you'll stay now.

Hunter: Hit me.

Handsome Jack: Wait a minute...are you a complete dumbass!? (Laughing) You've got 19 showing. If you want to just give me your money all you have to-


Handsome Jack: Whatever you say dumbass. ...What!? You've got to be kidding me!?

Hunter: I win. Again.

Log 2

Handsome Jack: You know what? I'm tired of this. I was just going to take all of your money and then shoot you a bit and laugh while you squirmed on the floor, but you just had to ruin everything! Well guess what!? Now you're going to die a slow, painful death at the hands of my loaders!


Handsome Jack: Well what are you going to do now asshole? It's 3 of us vs one of you.

Hunter: I didn't come alone.

Handsome Jack: Isn't that cute? But you can't trick me. I know for a fact that you are here alone. Now maybe if you beg good enough I'll only shoot you in the legs 50 times.

(Hunter uses divide)

Handsome Jack: What the hell!


Hunter: See you later Jack-ass!

Handsome Jack: What the hell just happened!? Why didn't anyone tell me he could do that!? Someone is getting fired! Out of a cannon!

Log 3

Handsome Jack: Angel, give me some good news. Is that cheating bastard dead yet.

Angel: Uhh....

Handsome Jack: Angel...

Angel: Playing footage now.


Loader: Error! Error! Error!

Hunter: Is that all you've got Jack!? I can do this all day!


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