Balthazar Matthias Tepesh, born Brunhilde Marie Tepesh, was born into a noble family that was held in high regard among their piers. Born a girl she was the target of persecution and ridiculed due to having been born a Siren. Considered a stain on her families perfect reputation of high class nobles, she thought to save her families reputation by having a sex change, thinking that having a male body would rid her self of the Sirens accursed powers.

But after the operation Brunhilde, now Balthazar, discovered that instead of his powers disappearing, they mutated with the change to his body. Since that day he left his family and would begin to travel the depths of space in order to figure out a way to rid him self of these odd powers he now has.

Upon hearing a news feed about the newly discovered Eridian, and it having odd effects on Sirens powers, he decided to travel to Pandora to see if maybe he can use this newly discovered ore to rid him self of the sirens curse for good.


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