Title Elemental Harbinger
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Vault Hunter
Location Pandora
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Borderlands 2 DLC Character


At a young age, it was discovered that Arilyn had a great power that none of the other children had. Arilyn had the ability to control elements, when she was young, it was just small things, but as she grew older, her power increased. Some of those who witnessed her powers, and were less knowledgeable on the legacy of the Sirens, accused Arilyn of being one, despite her not being born with the strange, powerful tatoo-like markings, and not having any phase-like abilities. Her parents tried to hide her in fear of what could happen to her if more powerful people found out, but she instead wanted to amplify her powers even further. She learned about Lilith, the powerful member of the Sirens, and her amazing control over the elements. From that moment on, she found anything she possibly could, from written entries to echos, relating to her.

After a while, she decided it was time to try to contact Lilith directly, and ask for permission to become her apprentice, but when she finally found location of her, it was too late, as she was said to have been killed at the hands of Handsome Jack. Arilyn, in rage, took the next train to Pandora, to personally take out Jack herself, and avenge her future, unofficial mentor's death.


Arilyn is fairly average in height (about 2 inches taller than Gaige.) She has extreme burns and scarring from her hands all the way up her arms from when she would accidentally injure herself attempting to master her powers. In her default appearance, she has dark brown hair that is singed at the tips, and is pulled back in a ponytail, she has neon green irises. She wears a dark purple skin-tight shirt that has burn marks around the end of the sleeves (one sleeve is burned higher than the other,) and a pair of dark blue pants that have burn marks around the legs. She wears a pair of foot gloves also that makes it much easier for her to maintain her agility.


Arilyn's skill trees focus mainly on elements and maximizing the damage and effects from them as much as possible, as well as her resistances against them. Her active skill causes her to let out a large Slag Blast. There are modifiers that can change the way her active skill performs.

Slag Blast

Action Skill: Unleashes a large blast of slag, causing all enemies in the area of effect to become instantly slagged, and take a considerabley larger amount of damage. While active, Arilyn becomes immune to slag, and radiates a small aura around her that causes all in the aura to become slagged.

Cooldown: 30 seconds


The Meltdown tree focuses heavily on Corrosive and Slag elements.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
An Apple a Day 1 5 Increase maximum health (+5% per level.)
Slag Sponge 1 5 Increases slag resistance (+7% per level.)
Slag Fiend 2 5 Increases Active Skill's duration.
Radioactive 2 5 Increases corrosive resistance. (+7% per level.)
Thorn 3 5 When hit with an elemental weapon, you have a chance of reflecting the damage back at the attacker. (+3% chance of reflecting 7% elemental damage per level.)
Environmental Killer 3 5 Increase the blast radius and damage caused by elemental barrels. (+20% per level)
Slag Marksman 3 5 Slagged enemies have a chance to take extreme damage on a critical hit. (+15% chance of +80% damage per level.)
Out with a Bang 4 5 The last bullet in a gun's magazine has an increased elemental effect chance. (+6% per level.)
Elemental Reaper 4 1 Kill Skill: Killing an enemy increases your elemental effect chance by 20% for 5 seconds.
Lady of Nature 5 1 If no shield is equipped, your damage resistance is increased by 15%, elemental resistance is increased by 90%, and elemental damage increases by 30%. You also gain health regeneration at a rate of 3% per second.
Acidic Heart 6 1 Active Skill Modifier: When Active skill is triggered, Arilyn increases the corrosive chance of all weapons by 45%, she also becomes consumed in corrosion, causing corrosive damage to anyone who attacks in melee, and increasing her corrosive resistance by 55%. Skill stacks with Love for Pyre and Electrifying Enchantress.


The Inferno tree focuses on Fire and Explosive elements.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Brawler 1 5 Increase melee damage (+4% per level.)
Iron Skin 1 5 Increase explosive resistance (+7%, per level.)
Big Bang 2 5 Increase the blast radius of grenades (+250 per level.)
Friend of Fire 2 5 Increases burn resistance. (+7% per level.)
Elemental Master 3 5 Increases elemental effect damage (+5% per level.)
Dyno-mite! 3 1 Action Skill Modifier: When activating Slag Blast, a smaller explosion erupts around Arilyn as well as the larger Slag Blast, dealing heavy damage to anyone who stands too close. A second explosion will erupt after the action timer runs out.
Slag Bomb 3 5 Increases the radius of your Slag Blast. (+500 per level.)
Elemental Anomaly 4 1 Kill Skill: Killing an enemy causes an aura to follow you, increasing your elemental effect chance and damage by 15%. Any allies in the aura acquire the same element of the weapon you are wielding.
Slag! You're it! 4 5 Melee Override Skill: When attacking in melee, you gain a chance to slag your enemies. (+20% slag chance per level.)
Warming Ember 5 1 While an enemy is on fire, you gain 2% shield and 1% health regeneration. When an enemy is killed by fire, you gain 5% shield and 3% health regeneration for 3 seconds.
Love for Pyre 6 1 Active Skill Modifier: When Active skill is triggered, Arilyn increases the fire chance of all weapons by 45%, she also becomes consumed in fire, causing burning damage to anyone who attacks in melee, and increasing her burn resistance by 55%. Skill stacks with Acidic Heart and Electrifying Enchantress.

Arc Storm

The Arc Storm tree caters to the improvement of the Shock element and Shields.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Guarded 1 5 Increase shield capacity (+10% per level.)
Masochist 1 5 Increases non-elemental damage resistance (+2% per level.)
Shields Up! 2 5 Improve shield recharge delay and rate (+5% recharge rate and -0.25 recharge delay per level.)
Shock Therapy 2 5 Increases shock resistance. (+7% per level.)
Shock Eater 3 5 Decreases the shield drain caused by shock weapons. (Shield drain -5% per level.)
Ticking Time Bomb 3 1

Game Changer: For every enemy killed with elemental damage, you earn a stack of Ticking Time Bomb, taking health damage lowers the stack by 1 for every two hits, attacking in melee will drain all stacks, and release a shock wave that causes burn, corrode, and shock damage. Radius of shock wave and elemental effect damage increases with more stacks. (+20 stacks)

Love the Purple Stuff 3 5 Increases damage slagged enemies recieve. (+15% per level.)
Elemental Tank 4 5 Increases the effectivenes of all elemental shields. (+250 radius and +300 damage for Nova shields, +300 damage for Spike shields, +5% resistance for elemental resistant shields per level.)
Now I'm Loaded 4 4 Increases the amount of stacks that can be acquired for Ticking Time Bomb, and the amount earned per kill. (+20 stack capacity, +1 stack earned per level.)
Repairer 5 1 When a shock weapon's elemental effect triggers, 10% of your max shield capacity is restored.

Electrifying Enchantress

6 1 Active Skill Modifier: When Active skill is triggered, Arilyn increases the shock chance of all weapons by 45%, she also becomes consumed in lightning, causing shock damage to anyone who attacks in melee, and increasing her shock resistance by 55%. Skill stacks with Acidic Heart and Love for Pyre.



  • "I wonder, if I paint tatoos all over my body, maybe everyone would believe I'm a Siren? Could be pret-ty cool... Or very bad." (Sighs)
  • "This would be so much cooler if something was on fire."
  • "Is that a storm I see coming in? It is! It is- oh, no it's not." (Sighs, in a depressed voice) "Getting my hopes up."

When corroded, burned, or shocked.

  • (Short laugh) "Nice try!"

When slagged.

  • "So that's what it feels like?"
  • "Ugh! This stuff really does smell!"

General Kills

  • Killing multiple enemies: "I'm no Lilith, but I'm still good!"

Critical Kill

  • "Lobotomy!"
  • "Brain sandwich!'
  • "I can see your head cheese!"

Getting in a Vehicle

  • "Vroom, vroom!"

Vehicle Kill

  • "Their shoes came off, did you see- oh... They weren't wearing shoes... Ewww."

Hitting another player in a vehicle.

  • "Look, I'll just save you the trouble right now, no I don't have my driver's license."

Encountering a Badass

  • "Grrr... Not a Badass!"
  • "I see a Badass!"

Killing a Badass

  • "Just a giant target dummy."
  • "There's only room for one Badass!"

Leveling Up

  • "The Elements are speaking to me!"
  • "The fire in me grows stronger!"

Looking at Skill Tree

  • So many elements, so little time.

Comparing Loot

  • "Sorry, one of you pretty ladies have to go."

Acquiring a green/blue weapon

  • "Let's see what you can do!"

Acquiring a rare weapon

  • "Mmmm candy!"

Acquiring a legendary weapon

  • "Now THAT'S a gun!"

Killing enemies with elemental damage

  • (Maniacal Laughter)
  • "Burn! Burn! BUUUURRRRNNNN!!!" (Begins Laughing)

Activating Action Skill

  • "Time to die!"
  • "I hope you like melting!"

When in Fight for Your Life

  • "You'd better hope I don't get back up!"
  • "You're gonna burn!"
  • "Lilith..."

Reviving by Kill

  • "Too close!"
  • "Well... That was fun."

Reviving a Teammate

  • "Let the warming embers heal your wounds."
  • "There's still fire in your heart, don't lose it now!"

Requesting a Duel

  • "Are you laughing at me?"

With Handsome Jack Voice Mod

  • Acquiring voice mod: "Alright, let's get to that key before I get the urge to stab myself in the face."
  • Idle: "'Attention everyone, my name is Handsome Jack. I'm a homocidal maniac with more money than I know what to do with. I own an army of robots, but have no real friends. I'm the world's biggest cheat and liar. Also... Also... My face is ugly.' Heheh."

Background Echos

Echo #1

Mom: "Arilyn, you don't have to do this. Just stay here with your parents."

Arilyn: "I can't stay, you know that. This is something I want to do. I've been gifted with these abilities. There must be a reason why."

Mom: "But Honey, I don't want to see you get hurt."

Arilyn: "I know, mom. I can't just suppress this power, though."

Mom: "Yes you can, you can just live a normal life with me and your father. We'll buy a permanent home in Aquator if you want. Maybe we'll even invite that cute boy you've been hitting it off with."

Arilyn: "Yeah, about Darren."

Mom: "What?"

Arilyn: "I kind of... Set him on fire."

Mom: "WHAT?!"

Arilyn: "It was an accident, I didn't mean to. It just... Happened. Do you see why I need to learn to control these powers?"

Mom: "We could find a way to return you to normal, to take your powers away."

Arilyn: "NORMAL?! I don't want to be normal! I want to have a purpose. I want to be like... Lilith!"

Mom: "You can't be Lilith! She's a Siren! She was born to be a guardian. You on the other hand. You're just a girl. You're my baby..."

Arilyn: "I know, mom. But I have to do this. I'm going now. I love you." A door is heard creaking.

Mom: "I... Arilyn, stop."

Arilyn: "I'm sorry, mom, I really am. I wish I had more to say, or a better reason, but I don't. I just can't let what I've been given go to waste."

Mom: "I know, honey, and you're old enough to where we can't stop you, just... Keep in touch with your father and me. We love you."

Arilyn: "I will, mom, I will. I love you too."

Echo #2

Arilyn: "Next stop, Pandora. Lilith has to be around."

Civilian: "There you are! The Siren!"

Arilyn: "I've told you, Jimmy, I'm NOT a Siren!!"

Jimmy: "I don't believe it, girl. There's no other way you could possess those abilities."

Arilyn: "I can't explain them, I know, but I assure you I'm not one of them."

Jimmy: "That's what you would say, I just can't believe you. Look at what your clan has done! The Eridium, the tyrant, it's all your fault, and now you're here alone! Let's see how merciless you are without protection to back you up!"

Arilyn: "Jimmy, DON'T!"

Jimmy: "Too late, sweety-" Fire crackling can be heard. "What the... What are you?!"

Arilyn: "Enough about me, Jimmy, I have a little question for you, though."

Jimmy: "Wh-what is it...?"

Arilyn: "Ever have your skin melted off of your body before?"

Jimmy: "N-no..."

Arilyn: "It's not pretty. Want me to show you?"

Jimmy: "Arilyn! N-" Even more powerful fire can be heard crackling, "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Echo #3

Station Owner: "You lost, young lady?"

Arilyn: "I need a ticket to Pandora."

Station Owner: "You've come to the wrong place, then. The ticket vendor is over there."

Arilyn: "Oh... I've never been at a train station before, I'm sorry."

Station Owner: "You not a traveler, I suppose?"

Arilyn: "No, not at all. I've never left the city in my life."

Station Owner: "Awwww... That's sad to hear. There's so many interesting things outside of this place."

Arilyn: "So I've heard."

Station Owner: "So Pandora, huh? What would ever possess you to want to go to a hellhole like that?"

Arilyn: "Hellhole? I've heard it's quite peaceful there."

Station Owner: "Heh... You can't believe everything you hear, kid."

Arilyn: "Well, even so. I need to find Lilith."

Station Owner: "Lilith? As in the Siren Lilith?"

Arilyn: "The one and only."

Station Owner: "Let me guess, you want to be her apprentice, and hope she can share her power with you?"

Arilyn: "Exactly."

Station Owner: "Sorry to let you down, kid, but I've seen many women leave this station for the same reason, and not a single one of them has come back. There's something you need to know about Sirens."

Arilyn: "What's that?"

Station Owner: "No matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to walk in Lilith's footsteps. Sirens are born, not made."

Arilyn: "Even so, I need her help."

Station Owner: "And why's that?"

Arilyn: "Well, do you really want me to show you?"

Station Owner: "Sure, knock yourself out." A crack of thunder is heard, as static electricity can be heard jumping around. "Hole-ly! How did you-" A large electrical discharge is heard. "OWWWW! OH MY GOD IT BURNS!!!"

Arilyn: "I'm sorry sir!!! I didn't mean to..."

Station Owner: "Agh... Rrrrrrr..." Deep breaths. "Whew, that was... Ouch. It's fine, kid. I guess I brought that on myself."

Arilyn: "No, that was all my fault."

Station Owner: "Don't stress yourself over it, miss...?"

Arilyn: "Arilyn."

Station Owner: "Arilyn? Pretty name. I'm Willy, by the way. I uhh... Well, I have some more bad news."

Arilyn: "What's that?"

Willy: "Even with those abilities, I still can't help you with your search for Lilith. She's kind of... Dead."

Echo #4

Arilyn: "Lilith? Dead?!"

Willy: "Sorry to say, Aril... Yes."

Arilyn: "How is this possible? Who could have possibly done this?"

Willy: "Jack... Handsome Jack to be precise."

Arilyn: "Handsome... Jack?"

Willy: "Head of Hyperion, the supposed "Slayer of The Destroyer", all around tyrant."

Arilyn: "Slayer of- That was the Vault Hunters!"

Willy: "Yeah, well he's twisted a lot of people's minds to believe what he wants. That's what happens with power."

Arilyn: "Lilith... Where is this bastard? I'll kill him!"

Willy: "He's on Pandora, but I'd advise you be careful, he's no pushover."

Arilyn: "I don't care! He needs to die!"

Willy: "Ok, I can see you're serious. Tell ya what. Take the train at the east of the station. I just noticed a group of Vault Hunters have boarded it. If anyone's going to get Jack's attention, it'll be them."

Arilyn: "I will, they may be just the help I'm needing."

Willy: "And don't worry about a ticket, just tell them Willy sent ya."

Arilyn: "Thanks, Willy. Jack's going to pay."

Willy: "Heed my words, kid. Be careful!"


  • Arilyn's melee weapon is a dagger she took from Jimmy after his demise.

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