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Tannis v2.0

the new tannis 2.0

I LIKE IT! I dont see the problems some have described about the new DLC. I like it. The maps are new and a different lay out, they are a decent size and have great height variation compared to the other maps we have played before in Borderlands. I love Tartarus Station and I think it would make a great arena for multi player combat (including up near Tannis). I think while it has its quirks and slight variations (like how hard is it to find a gun case now - not), it was worth the wait and I am not feeling dashed hopes about it. I think well done and thank you Gearbox for organising another DLC. I think there seems to be a lot of ungrateful children out there who bitch and moan about what they havent got, and then continue to bitch and moan after they get it. Enough said, THANK YOU GEARBOX! SimoScanman 21:28, October 3, 2010 (UTC) P.S. I have never started a new thread before, I'm sorry if I have stuffed it up.

i enjoyed it as well, dont worry about placement/format. somebody will almost always fix it.   Dr. F    Chemicalweapon   Wordpress shovel   Boston globe bullhorn  04:02, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

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