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I'm new to contributing to wiki's so I'm trying to help out, but not sure if I'm posting this comment in the right place. When I was using this Wiki in BL1 I loved having the item pulldown under the main page, under the Borderlands heading. That tab seems to be missing from the Borderlands 2 heading though, and I wanted to discuss adding it with the main members of the comunity before just doing it. I see that someone has gone in and added BL 2 items under the original items page(s) from BL1, so I think it would be nice to add a link to that anchor on that page from unde the Borderlands 2 heading. Rereading this, it's hard to explain, does anyone else understand what I'm trying to get at?

That is the first item I'd like some input on. The second item though, comes up with the pages that incorporate both games. Is there a way to separate to the 2 wikki's a little bit? At least so the information isn't on the same pages. I really think the information should be broken out on to seperate pages for the 2 games. A good example is the class mods page under items pull down. Someone has done a nice job getting all the BL2 info in there, but at the bottom of the page under all the BL1 stuff. I also wondered if it would be possible to break out the searches, as BL2 is still growing, so I've been using some searches to find burried pages to see if they exist. It is frustrating to get search results for the original game also though. I like how it allows story line info to be intermixed, but feel there needs to be some more separation for ease of use.  Thredge (talk) 19:51, December 3, 2012 (UTC)thredge