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Glitchs In The Game

There are many glitchs in the borderlands game, some extremely funny and some are not so funny to some players. Many people have experienced glitchs so feel free to add any if you believe there are missing glitchs!

Under The Headstone Mine

It is possible to travel under the Headstone Mine but if you go you can not get out until u ether dir from grenade or rocket launcher or just run out of land to run on. Running out of land is not an option due to the programming in the underlayers of the borderlands program. Click here to watch the video of how to get under the Headstone mine.

Anti Gravity Glitch

This glitch is not very understandable but the main aspect is for you to be able to flost up in the air and keep going. There is a partticular place in the Rust Commons West where the glitch can be performed. Click here for the video guide on how to perform the glitch.

Floating Cars

It is said that if u drive up on rocks and quickly get out your car will be suspended in mid air. It will reamain this way until it is meleed and/or damaged.

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